Character Reactions



“Are you cosplaying as me? Does that mean I’m popular??!”

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React to: a red moon and a blue moon in the same sky


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Bridgett: “Sissa, look! Now all we need is white and then we’ve got a Texan Moon!”

React to: Getting teleported into your favorite series.


“Yes! Now I can prevent the death of my favorite character!” smiles happily and goes off to find the characters

RT: “…I rather wished you hadn’t done that.”


Mephiles: “I rather wished idiots like you would keep their high and mighty opinions about my craft or what I do stuffed inside their own respective holders in your dimwitted brain, but hey, you don’t see me complaining about it like the little bitch that’s bugging me RIGHT NOW AS I’M WORKING!”

RT: “It’s a bird. It’s a plane”


“Well, is it a bird or a plane?”

React to: pebble falls from sky, followed by a rock followed by a boulder.


“I chose paper! I win!” gets killed by boulder

React to: “I lost control of the lawnmower!” lawnmower speeds toward you


Tyr: “…” (steps to the side and stops it) “What’s more lost to you right now? This lawnmower or your dignity?”

Reach to: “You do know what you are doing right?”


Talia: pauses. “No, not really.”
Talia: does it anyway

React to: “You have five seconds.”


“Yeah, yeah. Time me all you want. This takes a minute and that’s when it’ll be done. Unless you keep bugging me.”

React to: “Okay, but if you keep feeding her dog food, she’ll get sick. Sick like a dog.” starts laughing


Mephiles: “Remind of Tyr’s demeanor one more time and I’ll make sure all you remember this pain resulting in your idiocy.”

React to: “May I see your identification”


Nudges Felix without removing eyes from the official. “Hey, Felix they want my identification. You have that right?”

React to: “I strongly dislike you.”


“Tell me something new. Something that hasn’t been said before.”

React to: “I can’t stand the thought of a life without you. I just can’t. Life without you would be like…a fish without water.”


“Yeah that’s great. Could you pass the salt?”

React to: “What’s on the dessert menu?”


“So, we didn’t have time to stop to see my friend because we have something “super important” to do, but you can sit there and stuff a three course meal in you? No. No, get up. We’re leaving.”

React to: “What have you heard of the Holy Grail?”


“…I’ve heard of a lots of things but never the Holy Grail, where can I find this Holy Grail? Also since it’s so holy what can it do?” (this character has never heard of the Holy Grail I should point out because she is not from our world.)

RT: “…I wish I could marry him!” shows your character a book of your choice


Mandy laughs holding her side,“Edward isn’t even able to feel love the only reason he loved Bella was because of her blood and then he was forced into the marriage!”

RT: “I am sorry but loved one died in battle…”


Jaron: “Wh-What?..What do you?..”
Ciecro: (fists tighten) “…damnit” (wanting to punch something)
Jaron: “…th-that can’t be. No…no, no, no” (goes on knees holding head distraught)

RT: “It’s an interesting view, you would think. However, I believe you are dumb in thinking that way.”


Mandy shrugs," Well what do I know. I am only 12."

RT: "Holy shit how did that happen? "


“The horse must’ve tried to jump the fence but failed and broke his neck!!! Oh no!”
RT: Why does everyone have to bully me it’s not fair… My one friend says that I am pretty… Is it because I am an orphan? Lola thinks to herself.


lets out a long sigh “I am sorry to hear that is happening, but please stop saying everyone is being mean to you, just because someone said you should try doing this differently doesn’t mean everyone turned against you!”

RT: “…Your…your…a horse!”