Character Reactions



“Uhh. No, I’m not.” shape shifts back to usual form “Rude.”

RT: “YOU! Get away from me! YOU’RE ONE OF THEM!”


“I am so sorry I hid this from you, but I can explain.”

RT: “I thought you were different.”


“I am. Just not in the way you wanted me to be.”

React to: “Touch me again and I’m gonna f-cking rip your face off, bi-ch!”


Mephiles: “Look, either you sit still for the shot, or I have you personally bound to this fucking table and gagged so I can give you your fucking medicine so you don’t go uppin’ get sick and die for the stupid shit you are!”

React to: “That last piece of pizza is mine!”


Jasiah: “Uh, okay.”
Regan: eats pizza
Talia: “Not okay! that was mine!”

React to: “I’m sorry, but we are letting you go.”


Margo: “I never liked this job anyways. And I’m about to become a published author.”

React to: “There’s a snake in my boot.”


“Then take it out an let me have it.” Mandy says

RT: Infinity war ending


Mephiles: “…the fuck was that?”
Tyr: “Well, that plot fell apart rather quickly.”
Mephiles: “I hate you”

TR: the roller coaster stops at the top of a drop and it isn’t supposed to.



React to: “I’m falling for you! Literally! Pull me up before I fall down the damn cliff!”


“WHY SHOULD I?” Marie screams. “You left me!”

React to: “Everything you have been told is a lie.”


“Eh?? Does that mean that what you’re saying now is a lie as well??”

React to: “YouTube/whatever streaming service your character uses sucks.”


Reece raised an eyebrow before casually biting into the donut in his hand, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

React to:- “Give me 50 bucks or I’ll push you out the window.”


Mephiles: “attempt such course of action and I assure you…you’ll need more than 50 bucks to fix your sorry body. Now piss off, I’m busy.”

React to: “Bummer man, thought you could do it.”


Annabelle “Whatever, I didn’t want to do this anyway.”

React to “Um Miss/Mister DNA results shows the person that you always hated is actually your father.”


“… Hold up, hold up. The person I hate is younger than I am. And I am very much my father’s daughter. We look exactly alike except for the eye color! Ask anyone! This has got to be a really stupid prank.”

React to: “How long will it take for you to realize that your actions have consequences?”


Talia freezes as if slapped.
She opens her mouth and closes it again. “I…”

(this is a bit of a sore subject).

React to: “Go… just go.”


He goes pale and looks down at the mess he made.“I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. It was an accident.”

RT: “Can’t you do anything right?!”


stares at the pile of rubble “so I didn’t do that right?”

RT: “Today we will be studying mermaids, class turn to page forty-eight, and no (insert your character’s name) mermaids are not make believe they are very real.”


“Yeah, I’m definitely gonna need a drink right now…” proceeds to chug beer bottle

React to: “Somebody’s poisoned the water hole!”


“Seriously? I think I know who it was. I’ll kill him.”

RT: “When was the last time I beat you up?”