Character Reactions



Tyr: “I dunno, lemme check…sorry turns it was never because you’re a little bitch that thinks he’s clever with rhetorical questions when literally almost every bully that gets his ass owned does that. I mean, the least you could do is sound intimidating and not desperate to be a genre you aren’t or aren’t capable of being.”

RT: “I’m terribly sorry but the cuisine you ordered…we’re out of it”


Ray sighs as he placed down his menu. “Alright, listen here pal. I couldn’t give two shits what you’re out of. I NEED THIS. I have been awake for three fucking weeks. Do you have any idea what 500 hours of uninterrupted consciousness can do to a man?! When my Lieutenant dropped another pile of paperwork on my desk last night, I had half the mind to just splatter his brains across my wall! I have had to pull 21 all-nighters to keep up with this! So I don’t care if you have to walk into the fields and harvest some coffee beans yourself, just get me my goddamn coffee!”

RT: (Showing their friend their favorite show) “This is the worst show I’ve ever seen”


“Shhh…don’t let the actors know.” points to stage and tries to get them to be quiet “And please don’t throw those tomatoes at him!”

RT: “I admit this was my worst idea, but it wasn’t as bad as yours”


Talia: “Well excuse me.”

RT: “Well if you think you’re so smart, why don’t you try it.”


“Because I don’t care if it’s done. You wanted to do it.”

React to:
“The fuck you want?!”


Mephiles: “You to not yell. Seriously, if you want my attention you could at least be more cordial about it. I guess you could say thanks to your question I want you to fuck off.”

RT: “Burn the witch!” (pointing at you)


“Eh… You sure you want to try that?” shapeshifts into her Jack’o’lantern form. "Because you might get burned first…"

React to: “I would roast you, but my mother always told me not to burn trash.”


Tyr: “Dang, your mother asked me to do the same thing to you when she was blowing me off last night.”

React to: “…I’m sorry, but this is an intervention”


“What? I don’t need an intervention. I got problems, but I’m fine.”

React to: “I want candy.”


“I don’t have any, and if I did, I doubt I would give it to you.”

RT: “I’m Hera, QUEEN OF THE GODS!! And no, I am not the mother of Hercules, grrr…Disney, why do you spread false information about me and my family? (And my enemies)”


Tyr: “Hello Hera queen of the shouting. I’m Tyr, your impromtu, therapist. So I want you to sit down, relax, and tell my why you think your hubby always looks to everything else that exists but you, because I have a few ideas why.”

RT: “I’m master of the horizontal, the vertical, and the diagonal”


Winter: “Mm. Now go be the master of space, by putting some between us.”

React to: “The two lawyers were in the upstairs bathroom. So the joke is-”


Zaifyr: “I don’t like where this is going.”
Marie: leans forward “Zaifyr! Relax a little. Raliah, keep going.”

React to: “HOW DARE YOU!”


“No, you dared ME!!! You brought this on yourself, asshole…”

React to: “I know who you really are. And you should know that you’ve got a lot that needs fixing.”


“Yeah, like this phone that I broke. Can you help me fix it?”

React to: Flying pink bunnies


Stares at the flock for a few minutes, then grunts and dumps out his coffee, going back inside. “No more coffee, Neutro. It’s making you see crap…”

React to: Seeing a shark fin in the water while they’re at the beach


“Welp, sucks for the people out there in the water.”

React to:
What kind of parents would name their son “Keith”?


Amara the Jackal: Someone stupid and without a creative notion. Oh wait. I just described Remy.

React to:
Starts hailing while you’re at a parade


Lon would have an umbrella handy. He comes prepared.

React to: “Enough is enough.”


Mephiles: “And you’re unneeded bitching is unneeded bitching. Now stop pestering me and make your life useful for something or just waste; I don’t care.”

RT: “Honey, I shrunk the kids”