Character Reactions



facepalm"I told you not to use shrinking magic for frivolous reasons such as that!"

RT: “…oops, I shouldn’t have spilled that!” your characters gets turned into an object or animal of your choice because they got a potion spilled on them


High pitched voice: “Oh my gosh I’m going to murder you!!” Starts punching uselessly.

React to: Random people busting down character’s bedroom door wall


“What the shit? I don’t even have walls!”

React to: drinks so much they start spouting nonsense


Mephiles: “You see…hic I’m not appreciate, hydrogen. I’m just not…” (plops chin on desk looking at two vials in a chemical vial holder) “Tyr is an annoying biyitch, and nobdoy does a damn thing…but me…hic. It’s not like I don’t mind…” (rolls onto back of head) “pulling me weight, as small as it is. Hic” (Rolls back upwards and points to both the vials) “But let me tell you something Hydrogen and Oxygen…liquid that is…(clears throat)…I don’t mind being appreciated…I wouldn’t mind them saying something…or fetching things properly…I dunno…” (faceplants) “This status sucks…”

Reach To: Suddenly having the most wobbliest legs they’d make a newborn deer look sturdy.


“I. . .will. . .not. . .give. . .up!” She said, as she got up for the fifth time.

RT: “No matter what you do, you will still fail.”


Jaron: “Tck, what do you know about me, huh? I bet you can’t even name what it is I’ll try and fail at. How about you take that dumb attitude of yours and tell it to someone that gives a crap about your dirt level of an opinion.”

RT: their bed sheets are on fire


“Oh my go–. Aster, did you happen to set my bed on fire again?”

React to: Accidentally deleting their million word essay they can no longer recover


stares at computer blankly… Then proceeds to slam his head against his desk a million times.

React to: “Who parked their car… On my sandwich?!”


Looks into the distance and whistles.

React to: Meeting their doppelganger.


Talia: freaks out and blasts them with a bunch of random magic spells

React to: “Hey, baby. You wanna go out sometime?” he asked, leaning close enough that she could smell the alcohol on his breath.


Mephiles: “Go out cutting your stupid face into tiny pieces and feeding then to your children sounds like a fun thing to do. And keeps your face back, the only thing more putrid than your choice of wording is your mouth.”

React To: “You wanna come to my place?”


“No. You’re coming over to mine so I can murder you. Remember?”

RT: “I swear to God Janice, I will dismember you.”


“I’d like to see you try, sweetie. And don’t call me that!”

React to: “Isn’t that your friend on the table over there?”


Ravenna: looks at Griffin “… No. I don’t know him. Never seen him in my life.”

Person: “But he’s always with yo–”

Ravenna: “No. Nope, he isn’t.”

React to: “I like your hair. Mine’s better, though.”


Timidly creeps away while Aster comes up and kicks person in the face.

React to: “How 'bout skydiving without a parachute sometime? It’ll be fun!”


“You know humans can’t fly, right?”

React to: “You’re not one of those people who keeps a diary, right? So, say, if you just up and disappeared, there wouldn’t be any, like, indication of what was going on in your life. . .”


“I don’t keep a diary, but I’m thinking of broadcasting my life and emotions on Twitter. So if I disappeared you could check social media.”

React to: “Wanna see a movie?”


“See a movie? Honey, we’re already in one!” poses with friend for photographers appearing out of nowhere

React to: “I don’t think that’s lemonade you’re drinking…”


stops drinking
looks at the glass in his hand
puts it down without a word

React to:
“You’ll catch a cold like that!”


Nadia: What’s a cold??

React to: Ok!! Who has my keys/Any other item that’s extremly important to your character?!