Character Reactions



“I have your Nintendo Switch? do you want that back? 'cause I really like it. You left it at my place the other night.” Winks.

RT: “Hey, I know we just met, but can you… um… be my designated driver?”


“No problem baby girl, I got you”. Licks lips

RT: “This is not child’s play!”




RT: “Hold still. It probably won’t hit you.” readies throwing knife


“If you throw that knife, I’m going to literally stab you with it.”

React to: “Do you know how fast you were going?”


“Definitely not fast enough considering the fact you caught me…”

React to: “Uh…where are your clothes?”


ohmigosh that is the best response ever

“THESE ARE CLOTHES!” Talia snapped, gesturing at her dress. “What is it with you people your stuffy clothing!”
*a little context — Talia grew up in the Tower, with a fairy. Neither of them really conform to proper middle-ages fashion… more like modern dresses. XD The women she meets later on the story are scandalized.

React to: “No.”



React to: “You’ll never be like your brother/sister?”


Ravenna: “… Are you drunk? High? Hungover? I don’t have any siblings… But even if I did, I’d still be better anyway.”

Winston: “Hah, bold of you to assume I’m capable of even half of Austin’s ‘greatness’.”

React to: “Don’t you think that’s going a little… I don’t know…too far?”


Tyr: “A shsshshshshshshshsh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…enjoy the moment of going over the line. Y-you see, it’s not about going over the line, it’s the adrenaline. That feeling when you’re a bad boy doing something oh so naughty and gonna be chased…yeah we got to get them pursuing somehow, so here it goes!”

React To: Finding their favorite book in some water


Ravenna: takes in a slow, deep breath. “I demand to know who committed such an abominable crime.”

React to: “What’s the point of hiding and running away?”


Aslan: “Stop trying to be inspirational mate. There is literally a person with a knife in my house calling for me… Actually, should we try knock them out with my surfboard? Hiding here is kinda boring.”

React to: “And what would you have done?”


“…” Tai stayed silent for a moment. “Nothing I think…”
Mai smacked him upside his head. “You suck.”

React to: “No! Don’t eat my noodles!”


“I’m not eating the noodles! The noodles are eating me!” passes out once hallucination is over

React to: “If you wanna get crazy, we can get crazy.”


Tai nervously laughs to himself.

“He doesn’t do crazy, but I do!” Mai says as she proceeds to break every window in the room.

React to: “Yea, I don’t care if anyone gets hurt. What are you gonna do about it?”


“I’ll hurt you if you hurt anyone!”

React to: “I’m not a cop.”


Talia: “Uh… good.”
Regan: “She for sure didn’t just blow up that house, by the way.”
Talia: “Yeah. That was… someone else.”

React to: whispers “I trusted you.”


Ravenna: whispers back “Stupid move on your part.”

React to: “I can’t believe you’re that vile. Like, did you really have to stoop that low?”


Ravenna, girl. Ouuuch.

Adyln: stiffens “I stoop to nothing. I did what needed to be done.”

React to: “HELP!!”


“I’m coming!!” walks over “No, No, your ruining the carrots…that’s not the way you were supposed to cut them” sighs and begins cutting the the correct way “There, do it that way, see the movement of my wrist?”

RT: “…That was silly.”


Ravenna: “Not as silly as your face. Or your brain.” leans in to whisper “Or rather…lack thereof.”

React to: “How many times must I tell you for it to sink into your brain?”