Character Reactions



Mephiles: “Or, maybe you clue into the idea that I don’t care about your stupid advice or opinions on the matter. Now if you’d kindly take your advice and shove it into your own skull, I’d suggest you stop pestering me before I get something long enough to gag your throat and air flow for how increasingly repetitive and annoying you’re becoming.”

React to: “The wheels on the bus go round and round.”


“The wheels on my new jeep also go round and round.”

React to: “There’s aliens outside. Can I have a glass of water?”


“Why? So you can go offer it to them? Hell no, I’m keeping the water for myself, thank you very much.”

React to: “I don’t trust you.”


“I don’t trust you either.”

React to: “You will die in 7 days.”


“That’s still 7 more days than you…” brutally kills person

React to: “Whatever you do, DO NOT turn on the lights!”


Tyr: (puts on the jerkiest smirk he can and promptly flicks the lights on)

React to “You’re a witch”


“So? I like watching witches and spreading wishes which makes me a good wishing witch”

React to: " 911 what’s your emergency? "


“My, my brother. His foot is turning blue, its blue I don’t know what to do! Bring an ambulance, now!”

React to- “when we were in high school you told me the only reason you couldn’t go out with me was because I was so ugly my parents couldn’t of made a mistake this big, what now?”


“No, no, you misunderstood me, I was talking to my…shirt, yes my shirt when I was about to go out with you, I said it was ugly not you.” winces “Alright, truthfully my parents would be mad at me if I thought about going out with you actually worse than mad, they told me to say the exact words or else…and truthfully I think your pretty not ugly in the slightest.”

RT: “I went to the store but they ran out of chocolate…I couldn’t get you any, sorry.”


Ravenna (a lover of chocolate): squints eyes “You sure they ran out?”

React to: someone they love saying this to them “I hate you. You don’t mean sh*t to me. Just leave.”


Jaron would probably get pretty emotional so he’d leave the room and just break down out of a mix of anger, confusion, and extremely bothered. Especially, if it was his brother that said that.

React to: “Can you do my homework for me?”


“No, I don’t believe a single word that comes out of your mouth right now. I told you I love you and you said you could never hurt anyone you love and you love me. You’re leaving to France I know but you’re not leaving me”

React to- "you call that a pickup line, my dog could get more girls than you in a day, " she laughs in his face.


“I was trying to say you looked pretty, but then I kind of…fell down the stairs, but apparently, you don’t find that…attractive…” sighs and walks away and then falls over again stands up and then turns around again “That reminds me, I don’t want to have girls, I want to know them for who they are.”

RT: “…You have three wishes, use them wisely.” almost disappears but then reappears
“That reminds me do not wish for more wishes…that always ends badly, so don’t ever think of doing that!” vanishes in a puff of smoke


Talia: “Why would I need wishes. I am literally an enchantress.”
Regan: raises hand “I’ll take them for you.”
Talia “–No.”

React to: “Daddy!”/“Mommy!”


Pathos: “I’m sorry, what?”

Tyr: “Heh…heh…heh” (trying so hard not to laugh)

React to: “Pay attention to me!”


Stares at trash can nearby. “I’m listening.”

React to: “I wonder what would happen if you disappeared?”


Mephiles: “Everything would fall apart, because I have to do fucking everything in order for things to function.”
Tyr: “Talk about a complex.”
Mephiles: “Would you like me to supply evidence to satisfy your sarcastic attitude?”
Tyr: “I’d rather you answer this person’s question by just disappearing and watching things fall apart as you say. Come on, Mephy, I know you can do it.”
Mephiles: “Grrrrrrr.”

React to: "Sorry, I didn’t mean to spill my ice cream all over you.


"Great, only this was missing, … haaay, and now what we are gonne do? I have a lot of laziness to cleanse me, you knew that we have an important mission to fulfill and you do this, No, no, do not answer me, now we have to go to a rag to cleanse me … although no, go for him, that’s why I would have to do it … I feel mellow!

Rect to: "¡¡¡I cant believe it!! ¿How you could do this to me? cries and presses the wound in the belly


“Well, you see, I was cutting watermelon, and then my hand slipped…”

React to: Flying mountain goats

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Gadget gulps Quit eating cheese dude… you know your species is biologically allergic… It’s making you hallucinate

React to: The sun rises when night starts and moon rises when day starts