Character Reactions



“I have no idea what’s going on so I’m gonna assume this is part of this story’s plot…”

React to: “He punched out all of my blood!”


Infinite: Shadow did what?!?! I will avenge you, Mara… insert violent war here

React to: Your friend spilling their drink on their face


“Dude, it’s supposed to go into your mouth, dumbass…”

React to: “I spilled the table all over my drink!”


“Are you drunk? You’re scaring me.”

React to: “May the Force be with you.”


“Um, thank you? But I’m not into star wars movies”

React to- “tell me you haven’t, I swear I will never ever sing with you, damn it! Why do you love me so”


“We haven’t sung or played the guitar together since we met.”

React to: “We can’t let you join the club because you don’t know the password.”


dials the police
“Hi, I’d like to report a potential drug trafficking, yes I’ll hold”

React to - “ok, first of all I didn’t get herpes and she wasn’t a prostitute”


“I… don’t even want to know what the hell you two were doing then.”

React to - “Of all the stars in the sky I could’ve visited, and it had to be the one with you in orbit.”


“Some like to call this meer luck, but I call it destiny”



Calypso: smacks them with the cookie jar

RT: “Can you not stare at my wings?”


“Can you please not stare at my ears, if you stop staring at my ears I’ll stop staring at your wings, alright?”

RT: “…IT’S ALIVE!!!”


Calypso: “… I was asleep for five minutes.”

RT: “Touch my horns again and I will impale you with them.”


Touches horns…Seconds later realizes it was a bad idea

RT: “How many times do I have to repeat my self?”


Samane: shrugs “I don’t know. What I do know is that it would be easier to just relax.”

RT: People try to argue, but we are animals all the same.


Knight: you are correct in stating that it is a matter of debate. Perhaps the argument itself proves the correct answer.

RT: Why is the equator so high?


“Because you’re short.”

React to: “What’s the difference between you and a monkey?”


That the monkeys ask stupid questions like yours, unlike me, that as you can see I’m doing something for my life trying to finish the blessed job!:woman_facepalming:

reac to: “The truth is, I do not know at what moment you came to make me pay so much attention to you …”
psdt: im waitinting to see what someone could answer? xd


“You must have a really bad memory. Remember the night of the party when you were playing your guitar?”

React to: “You can’t handle the truth.”


“Says the man who started sobbing when his favorite sport team lost one game!”

RT: “I’ve never understood you…”


“I never understood you either like I thought I did. You were a terrible boyfriend.”

React to: “Spongebob is on!”