Character Reactions



Calypso: “Apparently so is your insanity.”

RT: “Where are your wings? Are you hiding them?”


Lo: You’re going to have to be more creative than using some cheesy angel line to impress me… but it’s a start.

React to: That expressionless face you wear at all times, it would seem to many that nothing can faze you, that somehow you have everything figured out.


Adeen: “No, it’s just that you’re so stupid and I don’t understand how you graduated kindergarten.”
Calypso: “Have you seen my parents? It’s a good thing I figured things out or I would have died trying.”

RT: “I’d stay and chat, but I would rather do anything else than talk to you.”


“That’s alright. I’m tired of your bullshit anyway.”

React to: “I can shoot lasers out of my eyes!”


Adeen: “Mom! I thought you told Dad not to get drunk.”

RT: Turn that off!


“Grandma’s life support? OKAY!!!” Grandma dies

React to: “Is my arm supposed to bend this way?”


Adeen: “Are you supposed to be that dumb? What do you think!?!”

RT: “Does anything smart come out of your mouth. Ever?”


“I’m rather a man of smart actions.” proceeds to take a sip from the tea he poisoned himself

React to: “Your plan is so stupid, it might actually work.”


Noon: smiles quietly and plots your doom

React to: “I can’t stand sweet things, I can’t eat this!”


And what? eat it i dont do this to the trash.

React to: Can you could give me the salt? this meal doesnt have any flavour. I dont know how you could eat this every afternoon.


“You can bite me if you want something salty.”

React to: 'I bet you twenty bucks that guy is single."


“Come on. You know I only bet in food, and you’re broke.”

RT: “I wonder how the ball gym would look if we turned it into a swimming pool”


Adeen: “Wetter.”

RT: “I dare you to jump in.”


“Okay!” pushes you in before jumping in as well

React to: “Here, take this jetpack!”


“Uh…” dangles it from the tip of finger “I am not putting that contraption on. I can teleport, I’ll be fine.”

React to: “GET OUT OF HERE!”


Adeen: : looks up from trying to undo chains “What does it look like I’m trying to do?”

RT: “No.”


“Welp, there goes our chances of escaping this hell of a place!”

React to: “I’ve been looking for you for MONTHS, and suddenly you show up like nothing happened?”


Gaudyme: I was going to come sooner but… I got hungry.

RT: Aww that’s no fun! What are friends for if you cant tell them the most secret-est secrets ever?!


Nova unconventualy gets hit out of the sky by the person she was fighting, her one wing is limp. She crashes into the group

Reaction to:" Hey! Stop fighting and get out of the way or you are going to be squashed!"


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Regan: “You do not tell me what to do!”

React to: “No one will hear you scream.”