Character Reactions



Tyr: “That applies to you as well, oh and speaking of screaming. I hear that when the leg is twisted to a direction that the leg doesn’t bend, it causes massive amounts of screaming. Of course, I don’t know if that’s true or not so let’s test it on your leg. Oh don’t worry, it won’t hurt…much.”

React to: “To the life boats!”


Kit: “I don’t think they should be called life boats if we’re using them to dump a body…”

RT: “How dare you insult my puns?”


“Well they’re not very punny…” Jumps off roof

React to: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”


Nice Mean Girls reference.

Adeen: “Well here’s all the cares I give.” holds out hand “Opps, looks like there isn’t any.”

RT: “Why do you care?”


“I didn’t know I did. That’s why it’s nice to have you around. You keep me informed about myself.” Rolls eyes

RT: “What’s the evidence tell us, Bub?”


Mephiles: “That you need to stop talking before I get the insatiable urge to kill you. Now shut up and listen.”

RT: “You should really get a life.”


Infinite: extremely offended Excuse me?! EXCUSE ME?!?! I am the ultimate mercenary! I could get rid of you by myself! What do you do that’s so special!!! (XD I’m sorry Infy’s being salty…)

RT: Who gave you your driver’s license?!


Tyr: “Your mom on her knees last knight.”

RT: “your penmanship is abysmal.”


“That’s what typing is for.”

React to: “You look like Mary Poppins.”


Mephiles: “What’s a Mary Poppins? Some kind of…respected figure? Why would I look like what sounds like a woman’s name? Are you saying I look like a Girl!?”

React to: “This didn’t end well for you.”


“Yeah, fair. Remind me to crap on myself for the next month for it.”

React to: “Actually, maybe you shouldn’t have come.”


“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have invited me!”

React to: Slowly sneaks and opens fridge in the middle of the night.


Finly sttod up from where she crash landed and whatching the bickering

Reacts to: also goes to steal some food


“Excuuuuuuuuse me! If you’re going to steal my food, take this chocolate cake, not the ice cream one!”

React to: “Finish this 20 page math test on calculus in 10 minutes. Your time starts now.”


Only an eyebrow lifted as a reply she took the icecream and the cake. "I aint doin no math test hun

React to: The test paper taken by Nova and stuffed in her mouth to also be eaten


raises an eyebrow “I really don’t think that is edible.”

RT: “I found cake! I found a whole dragon hoard of cake!”


He would open his mouth, close it again, then ask, “What were you doing in a dragon hoard?”

RT: “Hey, can you dress up as a clown and draw a crowd? I need to go beat up a bush.”


“What?” Regan stares at him incredulously.
“On it!” Talia yells, running towards the waterfront.

React to: “I’m sorry, we don’t —uh— do that anymore.”


“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m the kind of guy who believes in tradition. And I don’t like seeing them disrespected like that…”

React to: “That shirt offends me. You’re gonna have to take it off. Nice and slowly…”


“You freaking pervert, how does a solid grey shirt offend you?? It’s part of my uniform, sheesh.”

React to: cows walking down stairs without falling