Character Reactions



“Girl, if he’s sick, why would I want to get near him?! Of course, not!”

React to: “Hi, so, like, like, like, like… Can I get your autograph?!”


“…Whhhyyy? I mean, sure. But why?”

React to: “You’re like, ten times cuter in person! Please, Please take a picture with me!”


“Y… Y-You mean me? O-Oh man, I-I-I dunno what to say… I-I-I’m not that big o-on taking pictures, b-but I guess… If you want… Oh man…”

React to: “I have been waiting my whole life to meet you, I’m your biggest fan! Can I have your autograph?!”


Stares weirdly at the person asking. Squints eyes in suspicion. “Sssure…”

React to: “Woah, your boyfriend is getting awfully close to that young girl over there. Aren’t you disturbed?”


“Thats his sister. He’s hugging her, get a life already, and stop trying to ruin our relationship.”

React to: “Want to… go upstairs?”


“Sure. But you know, I’m kinda lazy. If you want to fuck me, just do it here. My parents aren’t even home.”

React to: “So… You think we’re equals?”


“Well we are twins after all.”

React To: “Any music request from the birthday boy?”


“I don’t really care, just play something upbeat… and no country!”

React to “Happy birthday! Come over after school for your present.”


“Can’t you just give it to me now? You’re literally right in front of me…”

React to: “Anyone want my pumpkin pie? I’m pretty sure it’s poisoned, so…”


“Yeah, perfect. I’ll give it to Lowell.”

React to: “Is it just me… or did someone spike these brownies? I can’t be the only one tripping balls right now.”


“Nah, it’s just you.” proceeds to trip over the table.

React to: “And they all die. The end.”


“Boring. One of them should have to live with their decisions and trauma, or the whole story is pointless!”

React to: “Do… do you ever think about how you might just be a character in someone else’s story, with no control over your own future?”


“Um…no. Are you high or something? You’re usually very sane.”

React to: “You’re an asshole. And I mean that as a compliment…not really.”


“Well, thanks anyways I guess. All I did was do your job better than you.”

React To: “The wind is so loud, it sounds like some kind of giant invisible monster swooping over our heads.”


stares unmoving and looks over at the person “It probably is, that’s why we should keep our guard up, and make sure we can tame this monster.”

React To: “Do you like Shakespeare’s plays? If you do, which one do you like?”


“Shakespeare? He’s decent. I quite enjoyed “Macbeth”, though I do believe the characters could’ve been smarter in their methods.”

React to: “Your brownies taste like burnt shit straight from a toilet.”


“Hey! You should be glad we’re eating something in the middle of this forest!”

React to: “You have to do it. You have to kill me.”


“No. No, you can’t make me. You can’t fucking make me!”

React to: “I thought you were the one… Was I wrong to think that?”


“Sorry to say, I couldn’t be the guy/girl that you want.”

React to: “Aren’t you supposed to be in class now?”


“Well, no shit, Sherlock. I’m in the restroom, as you can see. And quit peeking through the stalls!”

React to: “I spy with my little eyes something nasty. You!”