Character Reactions



“And this is coming from a person sitting on the porcelain throne, yeah nice try sweetheart.”

React to: “Sometimes, I just want to watch the world burn.”


“And have you burn with it? I hope you’re not suicidal.”

React to: “Ten years and you haven’t changed one bit. Still an asshole, only better looking.”


“At least I didn’t go homeless after violating my own contract by revealing confidential company information for trash money that I’ve already wasted on alcohol and drugs. Oh wait. That’s you!”

React to: “You are just a coward who boasts of your title as leader but let others do the work for you. Stop kidding yourself, you narcissistic bastard.”


“Oh, you did not just say that to me! You must not pay very much attention, or value your life very much. I am the Queen of Halloween, and I earn my right to boast by doing my own work. Work like…” -Grins wickedly- “Putting anyone who dares to question me in their place.”



“Oh, wow. From you just now, yeah. And guess what? I don’t care.”

React to: “Oh my, did you just compliment yourself?! How narcissistic!”


“And did you just state the obvious? How idiotic!”

React to: “I’m, like, super famous you know.”


So famous. So… What did you say your name was?”

React to: “You’re ugly. Did I just say that out loud? Whoops, sorry.”


“Interesting how your opinions changed since I turned you down.”

React to: “Plaid is not your thing, try leather instead.”


“Hm, interesting imput. I don’t even wear plaid. And ew, don’t even get me started on leather. Reminds me of him.”

React to: “Am I mad?”


“I don’t know, but I’m sad.”

React to: “Is mayonnaise an instrument?”


“… Um… Is a guitar a condiment?” (I literally heard someone asking that yesterday and I was like wtf :joy:)

React to: “I’m dying, you’re dying, we’re all dying. Except immortals. They’re just dying on the inside.”


“Get up! It’s just a stab wound, and stop your acting so dramatic, humans…they are such fools.”

React to: “I have decided that we should get married…tomorrow morning, what do you think of that, honey?”


“…what the fuck? Do I even know you?”

React to: “Life is sad.”


“Oh come on, it can’t be that sad, we are going on an adventure after all…that should be fun…I hope…”

React to: “Hello, would you like to come on an adventure with me? It will be fun.”


“Does the adventure involve me getting kidnapped or possibly killed by a dragon? If so, no thanks.”

React to: “Why are you frowning all the time? Come on, turn that frown upside down!”


“It’s hard to be happy, when the love of your life is unconscious, and no get your hands off my mouth this instant!”

React to: “Haven’t you heard the terrible news? All the cows in the world vanished!! NOW WE NO LONGER HAVE MILK! I think aliens were the cause of it, what do you think?”


Replied to the wrong person by accident


“Sheep in space? What an interesting topic… No, thanks.”

React to: “I’m sad now. My dad died. Hug me, please.”


“I barely know you… you should um, go find your friends probably, they’ll take you home.”

React to: “That call was… u-um, they said there was an accident…”


stares for a few seconds. “Are they alright? Is anyone hurt?”

React to: “So, um… I hate to break it to you, kid, but this is going to be something a lot of your generation is going to see these days… Your friend is dead.” (Book reference)