Character Reactions



“Which friend do you mean? I have a couple friends, there’s Robin, Inny, um…um…

React to: “So, if you found out that your entire life was a lie, would you still love me?”


“I don’t see why not.”

React to: “So… I heard what happened to your mother. Is she alright? Did the doctors say whether or not she’ll make it?”


“What? My mother is sick now? I can’t lose her like I lost my dad.” :sob:

React to: “You’re Fired! Don’t ever come back!”


“Role-playing, now? Seriously? You wish you were boss… Now, leave. I can’t have immature kids playing in my office.”

React to: “Why did he have to die?! He was a kid for fuck’s sake… Just a little kid… Why did you have to kill him?!”


“Sorry, what mental hospital did you escape from? I don’t know who you are, and I don’t have a fucking clue what you’re going on about… stop looking at me like that!”

React to: “Y-you’re alive?”


“No, I’m a breathing corpse with a perfectly intact body. Well, no shit, I’m alive!!!”

React to: “Wait a minute… That’s my underwear you have there!!!”


“Kitty! Didna Ah tell ye no’ tae take people’s things?! Drop the undergarment! Drop it! Good laddie!”

React to: “Hold on! We’re going to teleport to safety!”


“Are you implying that my house is unsafe?! How dare you, you little sh----”

React to: “Hi. My name’s Bob. Nice to meet you, human.”


“Don’t tell me we’re both pretending to be human. How embarrassing. But flattering that I fooled you. . . I think.”

React to: “I’ll pay you handsomely to bring me my enemies hand in a bag. Er, head. Head in a bag. Are you in?”


“No… Are you sure you’re okay? Do you need me to call the local asylum?”

React to: “I like turtles. How about you?”


“Mm. I guess they’re all right. You can drop them on people’s heads from great heights and stuff. Really prefer badgers though. Spirit animal, wouldn’t you know?”

React to: “How do you think you’ll be remembered after your death?”


Depends on the person, but who cares anyway?

RT: Come with me now,I’ve been informed that you need to go to a ‘special’ place.


Hisses “Special place? Back in a prison you mean, back in the crate. I am not a beast you can just push around!”

RT: So when were you going to tell me about your GF/BF? suspicious look


“Never. You’d ruin my relationship with everyone else. You’re not ruining this too.”

RT: “Now our unsuspecting neighbor has to mow our lawn too!”


“Oh great, why did he have to do that…I will not be able to think on the case when he is…wait…what do you mean by “mow”?” (My story is in the genre Fantasy so no one would know what a lawn mower is)

RT: “I wish you would stop bugging me…and put that down THIS instant!”


“I can do one or the other. Not both. What’cha gonna choose? I think one gives you a bum deal, personally.” laughs annoyingly

RT: “Once we shave the bunnies, it’s all going be downhill from there.”


“Wait, you never told me the plan involved shaving HELPLESS bunnies” Picks up bunnies
“What is wrong with you?” Walks away

RT: “Over the years that I knew you, I never thought you were capable of THAT!”


“I’m honestly shocked myself.”

RT: “Do you mind?”


“I do mind, I don’t think you have the right to do that.”

RT: “Umm…so, do you consider turkeys to be an endangered species? Since people (humans) do seem to be eating them a lot!”


“We eat cows and pigs a lot too. They aren’t endangered!”

React to: “Do you hear that? Listen closely… It’s the sound of my heart beating for you.”