Character Reactions




React to: “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!”


“Oh no, not the hobbits! Not my family!! Wait, where is Isengard?”

RT: “Which do you prefer elves or dwarves?”


“Orcs. I like Orcs.”

React to: “My preeecioussss----”


“Yo, chill out. Plenty to go around ya know.”

React to: “I know this will sound crazy. I have…superpowers.”


“Cut! Jennie put more emotion to it!”

React To: “Eliza I…I…am a vampire.”


“Your face doesn’t look like you’re convinced yourself. Come on, how is the audience supposed to believe if you can’t even convince yourself? Try again! And this time, work on the facial expression!”

React to: “I think I’m going insane. No, I’m serious. This isn’t a joke.”


“Did you ever meet my sister? She was the craziest person I ever knew.”

React to: “Your credit card was hacked and you lost $5,000.”


“What the fuck? Who–” stops talking and immediately tries to figure out who could’ve done it, because chances are, it’s someone she knows.

React to: “I love you. I’m sorry…”


“If you love me, why did you leave me?”

React to: “What did you do?!”


“I did what I had to. Not my fault she’s a bitch.”

React to: “Why? Just why?”


“Because everyone is a little mad in the world, so why not here?”

React To: “Who the hell touch my stuff?!!”


“C’mon, you’re the only one that did the homework. Be nice and share.”

React to:" So…Can we make out now or…you still hate my guts?"


“Nah, we can totally bang. Just don’t talk to me ever again after that. Deal?”

React to: “I don’t care. I don’t care if you hate me. My feelings for you will still be the same. So go ahead and break my heart. It was only ever yours to break.”


“It is because of what I am that I could never fall in love… but I never sought revenge against you for having loved me. What else could I do than to run away forever and shatter your heart into pieces? I hate you because you convince me to hate myself. You don’t need to forgive me for breaking your heart this one final time—I don’t want you to forgive me for that.”

React to: “Identify yourself now or we will be forced to open fire.”


“I’m afraid that if I identify myself, you’d shoot me anyway. Heck, knowing who I am only gives you more reason to shoot me down.”

React to: “Why did you have to do it… What did I ever do to you, to make you hate me that much?”


“I’m sorry, but I didn’t do it because I hate you. I did it because I love you. Can’t you see that?”

React to: “I’m concerned. I think things are moving a little too fast.”


“Too fast?! I’ve known you for 4 years, what do you mean too fast?!”

React to: “I… I’m sorry. Truly, I am. But I just can’t do it anymore.”


“Why are you saying this? What happened? Please. Can we just talk about it?”

React to: “We have to move.”


“We? Don’t you mean you? I’m not going anywhere.”

React to: “Sorry. I was a bit stupid and I got hurt. But judging by the expression on your face, you seem more hurt than I am.”


If the comment was sarcastic: Punches in the face. “Well, not anymore.”
If the comment was serious: “It’s…fine…just…hurry up and…get a doctor! Stop standing there apologizing!”

React to: “Hey…uh, what’s up? I realized that I used the rest of our savings on food by accident…”