Character Reactions



“Oh… Well, that’s okay. We’ll just make some more money.”

React to: “Let’s go steal the Declaration of Independence.”


“You wanna go back to Britain? Okay, then…”

React to: “Why do you still hate me? I did everything you wanted me to.”


“Because you’re an awful person?”

React to: “Christmas is my least favorite time of year.”


“I used to love Christmas, but this upcoming Christmas is going to suck because my sister is dead.”

React to: I like pudding.



React to: “Come on and fight me.”


“Outside. Not on the school grounds. I can’t get expelled, you know?! Just because you ain’t going to college doesn’t mean I don’t want to.”

React to: “Hi, Bob, what’s your name?”


Looks behind himself, “Wait, me?”

React to - “Prove me wrong. Cupcakes are better than normal cakes.”


“… I mean, I’d like to, but it’s hard trying to argue with a stupid person. I gave up years ago.”

React to: waves enthusiastically. you wave back. “Eww, not you!” walks away with a disgusted look.


“I showered this morning. You don’t need to act so grossed out.”

React to: “I hate ice cream.”


“What the heck is ice cream?”

React to - “Ewww, what did you eat this morning?”


“Nothing. I don’t eat breakfast. I had coffee though.”

React to: “I’m going to jump off a bridge.”


“Good luck dying. Make sure not to crush your bones while you’re still alive.”

React to - “i luv u” texted to him/her.


“You’ve got the wrong number.”

React to: “I would like to rip you from limb to limb.”


“I’m afraid my daddy wouldn’t like that very much.”

React to: “Help me, I’m being abused!” someone yells, while smacking their desk loudly.


He’d probably ignore it, but mostly becuase he wasn’t paying attention.

React to: “I know your secret.”


“…” stares at you with such a blank expression that you start to wonder whether you were wrong about the secret or not.

React to: “Ooh, it’s a challenge! Challenge accepted! Punch me!”


“What the heck?” (Not heck)

React to: “Are you single?” Said in a very creepy manner.


“Um…yeah? How about you? Are you single? Maybe I can find a girlfriend/boyfriend for you?”

React to - “This game sucks, why did you recommend it to me at all?” (The game can be virtual or real)


“No it doesn’t. What’s wrong with you? This game is the best.”

React to: a jump scare


yawns “What a lousy cinematic device.”

React to: “What the fuck is wrong with you?”