Character Reactions



“Everything, my friend. Including my uncanny ability to attract idiots like you.”

React to - Someone spilling juice all over him/her.


“…” stares at with a cold, empty expression. When they finish, she smiles. In her mind, she’s plotting the most gruesome ways to psychologically torture this person within the next few days.

React to: “Whoops.” someone shoves them off the stairs.


Does a front handspring down the rest of this flight of stairs. The instant his feet hit flat ground, he jumps back up the stairs and punches person in the face. “And that’s how it’s done.”

React to - someone side-tackles him/her.


Cusses in Sipd’sai then uses his powers to make whoever tackled him feel emotionally awful.

React to - someone picking them up bridal style and carrying them around like royalty.


Horatio stares as this is going on and then turns to the person
“You do realize how awkward this is, right?”

React to- someone magically turns them into an animal (of your choice)


Let’s just say he got turned into a polar bear.

“Seriously? How TF am I supposed to survive in this desert as a POLAR BEAR??? I’m already dying! Not that I can die. Oh gosh, turn me back already!!”

React to - Rude love confession.


“Ummm. I have a girlfriend.”

React to: somebody suddenly publicly declaring their hatred for them


That kinda happened at one point in the novel. I can’t spoil, but let’s just say it didn’t end well. smiles once they finish their rant, while starting to plot revenge in her mind.

React to: “I don’t like the way you smell.”


“It’s probably just yourself you’re smelling.”

React to: finding a to kill list with their name on it.


snaps picture of the kill list. Heads to the police station.

React to: “Is that… Is that blood on your hands?”


looks at hands “Probably.”

React to: “You killed her!”


“Killed her?! Her body is perfectly intact! Well, maybe her mental stability isn’t, but… Oh, well.”

React to: “Why are you bleeding so much?!!! You’re ruining my fresh bed sheets!!”


“Well I’m sorry.”

React to: “Go jump off a bridge.”


“Why do I feel like someone has asked me to do this at some point in my life? Maybe around 73 years ago when I accidentally…um…what did I do?”

React to - “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”


calls someone who would actually be capable of helping

React to: “Aren’t you sweet?”


“Well, that’s one compliment I’ve never received…”

React to: “Help. I need help on my math homework.”


“You and me both.”

React to: “Wow, you’re, like, a really good artist?”


“Obviously! I’ve been drawing wards and paper talismans all my life, wouldn’t it be funny if I sucked at drawing?”

React to - I just realized something. You are the definition of stupid.


“That’s me.”

React to: “Will you just kill me already?”


“And get arrested for murder? No, thank you.”

React to: “There’s something obviously wrong with you.”