Character Reactions



“Well, considering I’ve been alive for the last 500 years and I’m still 17, yes, there is something wrong with me. Any objections?”

React to: “A bird can swim better than you can.”


“Wow. I didn’t know birds were professional Olympic swimmers.”

React to: “Why are you such a dick?”


“Because I’m in fricking pain! Leave me alone!”

React to: “Why are you eating my sandwich?”


“Because I’m hungry, why else?! You have an extra sandwich in your bag, anyway!”

React to: “He died, because of you. Are you proud? Are you?!”


“I didn’t know him, and I didn’t ask him to fricking die for me! No, I’m not fricking proud. He should have just let me die! I want to anyway.”

React to: “I’m going to shoot your dog.”


“My dog’s dead already.”

React to: what’s with your face today?


“I’m in pain, ok?”

React to: “I slept with your boyfriend/girlfriend.”


“You little, motherfu*ker—” punches nose, allowing it to bleed, then proceeds to tackle and beat to the ground, until he gets pulled back.

React to: “I did your mom yesterday. Fine lady.”


“What? My mom died about 500 years ago!”

React to: F*** you.


“I have a girlfriend.”

React to: “I wish you had never been born.”


“You wish!” He laughed and rolled his eyes before walking away.

React to: best friend is dying in your arms and what are their last words?


But he doesn’t HAVE any friends yet!

React to: best friend murdering your other best friend,


“I didn’t even know that you two knew each other!” I yelled. “Wow, small world…oh, your dead…my bad…”

React to: lost your phone in a corn field at night


Phones didn’t exist back then and corn doesn’t grow in the desert.



“Oh…would you look at that! Looks like I’ve been stabbed…how long has that been there? Does it look bad?”

React to: the room is on fire, what do you save besides yourself?


Put the fire out with water magic. What else?

React to: Your family is drowning.


My family is of Siren descent so they can’t drown.

react to: electricity and WiFi don’t exist and you live alone…how do you occupy your time?



React to: someone puking on their shoes


“Ewww, what did you do that for?” Promptly takes shoes off and throws away. Continues journey barefoot.

React to - an unstoppable bear attacking you.


They are probably drunk so try to make sure they get somewhere semi-safe.

React to: you one of the last humans on an earth of hybrids, what do you do?