Character Reactions



Don’t stop it, make it your friend to wrestle together with.

React to: you are the only one in the world who can see colors. How do you describe them to other people?


“Why would I want to describe them? If I’m the special one, wouldn’t I want to keep that special ability and knowledge to myself?!”

React to: “Help! A monster’s eating me alive!”


I am the monster.

React to: you are dehydrated by allergic to water and you live in a boat


“I’m… an idiot.” dies of dehydration

React to: “Would you be so kind as to set aside this freedom of yours to serve the will of our founder?”





React to: you have to have one song as the backtrack of your life…what would it be?


“I’ll probably regret this, but T.N.T. by AC/DC”

React to: “Here. Have five bucks.”


“At least I have a job.”

React to: “Are you stupid?”



React to: “I’ll carry that for you.”


“Thanks!” hands over large sack of potatoes “my babies were getting heavy”

React to: “What even are you supposed to be? Some sort of animal?”



React to: “I like your hat.” your character is not wearing a hat.


fake it till you make it “thanks I like your hat too!” they are also not wearing a hat

React to: “Sooo…how about the cloud, huh? Pretty cool, right?”


“Uh, I guess.”

React to: “We should date.”


“Perhaps you would find my friend a better match, instead?”

React to: “Please tell me you have a plan for this…”


“Of course, I do. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have a plan and a backup plan to go along with it.”

React to: “I thought we could last forever… Was I wrong?”


“I ruin everything, so yeah.”

React to: “You loved him/her, didn’t you?”


“Look, it wasn’t my fault he fucked up! I liked him, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. The punishment is still the same, regardless of how much I loved him. There isn’t a free ticket to escape karma.”

React to: “Why do you keep following me?”


“We’re in most of the same classes, dumbass.”

React to: “Why did you screw my best friend over like that? I hate you.”


“Look, I liked him just as much as you do. But you seriously think he could get away with it? Just because he was a friend? Just because he was popular? If you really thought he could get away with it, then you’re more ignorant than I thought you were.”

React to: “Look, you need to learn to let go. I know it’s hard, but it’s in the past.”


“Don’t you dare—don’t you ever dare try to lecture me! You could never even BEGIN to fathom my plight!”

React to: “Wouldn’t restoring order be so much less stressful if we could just… order it?”