Character Reactions




React to: “characters favorite movie sucks”


Vantelieth sits in the theater silently with her head lowered in shame, thinking of a way to make it up to her friends for having inadvertently subjected them to such torture

React to: “Did you know that he survived the incident? That’s right. Poor guy looked eager to just go back home and share the good news with his friends and family, but I couldn’t let him forget me; not when we had so much unfinished business. He looked so noble, trying to keep the others away from me like I was some sort of menace. And that’s why I killed him—I tore his head from his shoulders just as he called out your name. Oh, were you under the impression you were going to see him again at first? My bad.”


“NOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!” falls on floor and dies.

React to: “will you join me?”


“Depends on what you’re doing.”

React to: “I think I’m dying.”


“So when do I get to see him? Hmmm? Are you sure he is alive or are you trying to trick me again. I’m not falling for your tricks, not this time…”

React to: “Don’t leave me behind…again…”


“We are all dying a little bit every second of everyday…so you better get used to it.”

React to: “is it getting hot in here or is it just me?”


“It’s just you.”

React to: “Get away from me with your germs.”


“Too late, you are already infected!”

React to: “One finger not touching you…two fingers not touching you!..THREE FINGERS NOT TOUCHING YOU…!..”


“I hate you.”

React to: “You give off heat like a furnace.”


“Then you better come real close, babe, it’s cold outside tonight.” wink face

React to: Waking up naked in a Denny’s parking lot…


“F you Shane. What was in that drink?”

React to: “I bet you taste like chocolate cake.”


“Wanna test your theory? You’re welcome to.” smirks

React to: “Stop it! Stop breaking my damn heart!”


“You never should have gotten involved with me in the first place.”

React to: “You remind me of a duck for some reason.”


“Well you remind me of a donkey because you are an ass.”

React to: “Take your best shot!”


“Revenge is a form of complex art. I can’t do it immediately. But give me a day or two and you won’t be disappointed.”

React to: “Awww! Aren’t you a little sweetie?”


“I may seem cute and sweet but I am also a little cute ball of rage who will destroy you if you dare call me sweet again!”

React to: “Daaaannnnggg Guuurrrrlll, you lookin goooood” drunken wink face


“Damn, boy. You need some water. Go to sleep.”

React to: “Hi. I like you. Come to my house, please. I have extra candy to share.” smiley face


“Uh, no.”

React to: “Well, I’m not going to amount to anything.”


“You got one thing right, at least.”

React to: “Why are your bedsheets so sticky and moist?”



React to: “Let’s shoot each other.”