Character Reactions



“Are you utterly out of your mind?”

React to: “Fine, then, you’re better than me. Is that what you were waiting for me to say?”


“You finally realize that now!? It’s been 25 years and you are finally saying it now!?”

React to: “Wait, who are you again?”


“It’s Jaye, you moron!”

React to: “Stay away from me…! I might kill you…! (transforming into something feral)”


“That’s fine by me.”

React to: “How are you still alive?”


“Because I-- that’s a really weird question, but I guess you aren’t happy to see me alive…when you thought I may be dead or worse…”

React to: “Are you dead?”


“Inside, yes.”

React to: “What’s wrong with your hair?”


“My hair should be the last thing on your mind right now!! We have something more important to think about…”

React to: your character looses all their hair due to a hair regrowing spell that failed


“Damn. Guess I’m going to have to start over.”
(He’s been growing his hair out a little)

React to: “I will turn you into a mop.”


“Um…that is the worst threat I’ve heard, you could have said I’ll turn you into a toad–Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have given you an idea…” backs away “If you really plan to turn me into a mop, what do you plan to do with it? Also will I be conscious when I am a mop? Why am I asking these questions? You do realize you are threatening an elvish police detective right? and if you continue further and actually turn me into a mop, that will make you have to spend several years in prison…that doesn’t want to make you want to do it, does it?” grins and then falls over while leaning on the desk “Ow!”

React to: A witch suddenly appears and offers them a chance to go on a quest to rescue an unnamed princess (or prince)


“Are you insane? F*ck no. Why are you asking me?”

React to: “Can you take someone out for me?”


stares like the person just escaped a mental asylum. “What the fuck?”

React to: “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.”


“Ummm, what? I don’t think so.”

React to: “What are you doing in my bedroom?”


“Um… I was looking for something you stole from me…”

React to: “Come back! Don’t leave me!”


“You deserve to be left.”

React to: “I swear I don’t have a gun.”


“Then what’s that thing you’re hiding behind your back? A knife?”

React to: “I’m hungry enough to eat you.”


Crushes you with gravity magic as self defense. “Stay away from me!”

React to: “Oh gosh, did you just eat a WORM??”


“Nope. Are you alright? Do you need the number of a good psychiatrist?”

React to: someone playing music very loudly


Buries her head under a pillow and attempts to force herself back asleep

React to: “Where are you looking?”


“At your legs. You have nice legs… I just realized how creepy that sounds. Sorry…”

React to: “Ooooh, damn, you got some skeeels!!!”


“Well… if my hands are so scheming, my polearm will have you screaming.” summons glaive “Excuse my innuendo.”

React to: “How can I believe in myself when I fail so damn much?”