Character Reactions



“I mean, you’re not that bad. Remember the time when you were used as bait so we could get away?”

React to: You’re character is colorblind.


(Deadpan) “Blame my lycanthropy.”

React to: “How did that mage carry that big weapon?!”


“I dunno, just because I’m a mage doesn’t mean a know a lot about other mages! Sheesh.”

React to: “Where did your hair go? No, I’m serious, you’re bald.”


touches hair “No, I’m not. Would you like the number for a good psychiatrist?”

React to: “I saw a deer.”


(in feral form) “HRAAAAH!!”

React to: (An angry muscular woman barging in with an axe and looking at the character murderously) “DIE!”


dies, but happily, because she’s hot

React to: “It’s ok to eat fish. They don’t have feelings.”


“Totally agree.”

React to: Uh, I hate to say this, but I accidentally dropped a wheelbarrow on your friend and he died…


“… Fuck you!”

React to: “I hate you. You better say you hate me back, or else I’ll feel bad for saying that.”


“I hate you back.”

React to: a sign that says no food or drink in the theater. Your character just paid money for a water bottle.


What theater doesn’t allow food or drink? Let’s just go somewhere else! (You never said that they bought the ticket)

React to: Titans from Attack on Titan. If you don’t know what that is, search it up.


Wouldn’t be the strangest thing Vantelieth has fought, so she wouldn’t have any notable reaction other than taking up arms and going to town on them.

React to: “I can predict your every move; I know you better than you know yourself.”


“Wouldn’t take much.”

React to: somebody finding their search history


“What? Were you expecting to find something indecent?”

React to: “Just what are you trying to imply here?”


“Exactly what you think I’m trying to imply. I’m not exactly being subtle.”

React to: “Am I annoying you? Am I annoying you? Am I annoying you?”


Vantelieth silently moves to the next room

React to: “Why? Why can’t you just die?”


“I don’t know. It’s not like I haven’t tried.”

React to: “You have three months to live.”


“And you have 3 seconds to live before I kill you.”

React to: “Why? Just… Why?”


“Because I’m in pain and f*cking depressed.”

React to: “Why are you like this all the time?”


“Because everyone wants to either kill or control me, and all I have for comfort is the memory of my late mother.”

React to: “You… really seem too pure for this world.”


“Ye mean mah smiling? Ah dinna ken (know), but it makes me feel easy 'round anything.”

React to: The creepy stare and smiles of a purple-eyed child as she left you with a wasp hive dangling from a dead branch.