Character Reactions



“Am I… possibly inebriated?”

React to: “Is this a game to you? Are you TRYING to die!?”


“Why yes, yes I am.”

React to: a pantsless drunk woman approaching your character in public


Vantelieth takes a step back “Are you… possibly inebriated?”

React to: “Make your choice and make it wisely. Someone’s gotta die tonight one way or the other.”


“It’ll be me.”

React to: “Let’s jump off a bridge together.”


“Why does everyone like jumping off bridges so much?” pulls to a nearby bridge over a small stream “Are you ready?”

React to: “I killed your family. And your dog too.”


“I had a dog? Wow. Never knew that.”

React to: “Why are you laughing? I said my dad died of cancer.”


“Sorry, but your dad never existed in the first place, remember?”

React to: “Why is there so much blood in your room? WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BLOOD IN YOUR BASEMENT?”


Sighs “I had a difficult Tuesday.”

React to: “Why does this feel so good?”


Is getting a massage NOT supposed to feel good?

React to: “Hey…I’m sorry, but your fish died. Can we eat it for dinner?”


“Where… did that fish come from?”

React to: “Why should I be afraid of that?”


“Because that was what killed over a dozen people’s sanity.” smiles knowingly.

React to: “That’s all? Is that it? Are you kidding me?”


“If you’re stuck with my worst, then you’re the one too incapable to bring out my best.”

React to: “Kiss… my ass.” dies


“Great! Now we don’t know where he went!”

React to: “You’re so flat-chested that everyone will mistake you for a boy!”


“Now that’s just plain rude. You know I already know that.”

React to: "Who even are you? You look familiar but I just can’t place your face to a name."


Veils her white eye under her fringe “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I remember you. You must have me mistaken for someone else.”

React to: “Going back to your car? Can I at least ride with you?”


“I don’t have a care. What is a care anyway?”

React to: “OMG you stepped on shi-!”


“… I’m stepping on your foot, kid.”

React to: “Is that the best you’ve got?”


“Is that the worst you’ve got? Because I don’t exactly plan on going easy the second round.”

React to: “I want to, but I don’t want to. Any suggestions?” (Me when it comes to writing, lmao.)


“first of all, what do you not want to do? if it is something like stealing something very expensive then do not whatever you do, that could get you arrested, but if it something like writing that police report then do it!”

React to: “You did some really silly things last night, come on and look at the photos.”


“What are photos?”
I feel like I’m taking the easy way out on all of these since technology didn’t exist back then.

React to - “Wait a second, was that your pet that just fell off the roof of that skyscraper?”