Character Reactions



“No, no, no. I was talking to the person behind you.”

React to: Playing an elimination game in a school building with a bunch of psychopaths/sociopaths.


“Well… This is nothing new. Hello, there.” shakes hands with all of them, while eliminated players groan in disappointment and leave to go home because they’re bitter they lost.

React to: “I’m glad you’re going to Heaven. Because that means I’ll never see you again.”


“Honey, I’m going straight to hell.”

“Oh my god, that’s gay.”


“What? This?” Holds up yaoi manga.

React to: A demon lord working at McDonald’s.


“I have finally found my people!”

“As the queen of hell, I advise you to leave.”


“Your queen of Hell? Well, I’m queen of…knives, and sharp objects so…er, you cannot force me to leave unless you want to get stabbed.”

RT: Your character has accidentally unleashed a disease on the world and has to stop it.


“Fuck it. We all die anyway.”

React to: A shark swimming after them in the open sea.


“If only we weren’t in water, then I could burn it.”

RT: Them setting their kitchen on fire.



React to: “Okay, you kids have fun! I’ll just be here listening to my tunes.” -Heavy metal music starts playing-


sets the speaker on fire

RT: Them losing their favorite possession.


“I. Will. Fucking. Kill. Someone. If. This. Is. Another. One. Of. Your. Stupid. Pranks.”

React to: “I’m sorry, but… Skunk butts kinda smell nice…”


“And they call me crazy.”

RT: Seeing a friend’s journal full of murder victims with big x’s over their faces.


" I didn’t know what to do."

React to: “Why is my picture in here? without the x’s?”


“Clearly because you’re aren’t dead yet. Why do you think I invited you here?”

RT: Being given a note that says, “Want to burn down the gym together?”


remembers how much she hates P.E. “Hell, yeah. Contact me.”

React to: “Never once did it pop into my mind that you would turn into a murderer…”


sighs “It’s not what it looks like he’s not dead!” gently kicks person lying on the ground and person groans “see? Where did you get the idea that I would murder someone in cold blood instead of knocking them out?”

RT: “Do you consider CGI live action? If so, then anything made from a computer is considered alive…or something like that, anyway how do you feel about Disney’s ‘live action’ remake of the Lion King?”


“I don’t like movies.”

RT: “Movies were made by Satan.”


“Uh, well, some of them, sure. I doubt all of them are though.”

RT: "Disabled people aren’t entrainment. "


“Funny. That’s what I expected you to say when I burned down the gym.”

RT: “You ate all of my cholate again, huh?”


“I didn’t do it, you know I don’t eat so much sweets.”

RT: “It’s been 25 years since Kiley died.”