Character Reactions



“Already? Dang.” smiles “It was fun to kill her.”

RT: “Can you do me a favor and let me murder you?”


“Sure! Of course! But could you please leave the room first while I load my gun?”

React to: neon cat flying through the air


“What was that?”

RT: “Have you seen my sticker?”


“Sticker? You’ve been possessed by the ghost of Beatrice.”

RT: “That’s a pretty building. I’mma go burn it.”


“NOPE. IT’S MINE.” Burns the building before you

React to: Ninjas.


“Wait what?”

React to: “Okay stop joking around, where is my guitar?!”


“It’s right over there.” points to guitar pieces.

React to: A magical pony flying through the sky that just got blown up.


“Huh… never seen that coming.”

React to: “Let her be, she needed space and trust me I’ve been there.”


Pokes girl on shoulder

React to: Person in tears “I thought you loved me!”


“You know that’s not true.”

React to:“Don’t call me a slut, asshole!”


“What’s wrong with calling someone out for something that’s true?”

React to: “I think I misplaced your car… It’s somewhere in the Grand Canyon…”


“Okay! I’ll just buy a new one!”

React to: Being burned to death as a witch.


“Since when was seduction considered witchcraft!!!”

React to: “Oh my gosh, is that a new freckle on your nose!!! Holy crap, what happens if you have cancer?! We must go to the doctor immediately!!!”


“What are you talking about? I already have cancer!”

React to: “Look at that plane crashing!”


“You must be f*cking crazy if you think I’m getting off of this sofa.”

React to: “There’s a dead body in the trunk of my car and I need you to help me bury it.”


“If it’s my dad’s, sure!”

React to: the sky falling


“Is Satan coming for me?”



"Well, bad luck then. I believe in a good Earl Grey and a Darjeeling for a change but that’s it. Still, if you’re serious, you could do me one favour. Be a quiet mightiest warrior. Screaming won’t help you finding any sympathy. "

React to: ‘You see that little blue ball in the sky? Right up there? Yeah? That’s called Earth.’


“Earth? What’s earth? I mean I see that teeny tiny blue dot but–” Looks at the other character "wait, a second, your not from around here are you? "

RT: “Come closer, and I will tell you your future just for five gold coins”


“Sadly, I already have a personal fortune teller, and we don’t use coins. We use electronic money. Have you heard of those?”

React to: A volcanic eruption next to the character’s home