Character Reactions



‘It’s not my fault! Not this time! Promise, Mum.’

React to: seeing a selkie come on land


stares and slowly walks over to them "Greetings thinks of what to say “I haven’t met many selkies before, I’ve heard of them through stories, but it is amazing to meet one in person!”

RT: a fashion designer wants your character to be a model for them


stares, blinks, then glares. “Um, bitch, excuse me? How dare you approach me with such an insulting offer! Are you implying that I only have physical beauty and no talent? What the f*ck is the matter with you—” Yeah, as you can tell, my character hates models…

React to: “Um, do you need help with that? You look like you’re having trouble…”


“(actually a guy, who hates being mistaken for a lady) Let me string my bow before I shoot you…!”

React to: “(in Scottish accent) Ah cannae wear yer mother’s gown for the party! What if mah arms rip the sleeves?!”


“What? Rip your arms off? Gladly!”

RT: “Have any of you seen my dagger?”


“You probably forgot it under your pillow again…” “Or I might have seen it in the basement somewhere?”

RT: “We never told you this but, your the daughter of BTS.”


“I think I inhaled too much smoke this time. I hallucinating.”

RT: Their pyromaniac friend holding up a match


“Oooooh, I love starting fires, what should we set of fire first?!”

RT: “Let’s go cliff jumping in Hawaii babe, it’ll be fun!”


“Of course! Anything you want to do sweetheart.”

RT: “I would die for you.”


“But I would die a million times for you…”

RT: “Harry, your a wizard”


“What? Um… my name isn’t Harry.”

RT: “So um, I may have accidentally killed someone…”


“Not again! Now we have to move to a different country and start a new life… you can’t keep sucking their blood, we need to find a solution to this killing problem.”

RT: “Get away from my fiance you B*tch!”


“You think I’m hitting on your fiance? No! I’m just trying to end both of your lives.”

RT: “What if I told you I burned down the school?”


“I’d ask which one since I also burned down the school earlier…”

React to: “I spilled the table all over my drink!”


“Are you having seizure or something? Should I call someone?”

RT: “I dunno man, but I ate like three boxes of Fruit Roll Ups.”


“Those were poisoned…”

RT: “I may have poisoned someone’s drink, but forgot who’s it was.”


shrugs “That’s okay. We’ll find out soon enough. Just don’t drink anything yourself, dummy.”

RT: “The last house I rented didn’t come with a floor. Crazy Dutch people always take the floor with them!”


“I kept you in the basement for too long, huh?”

RT: “Would you like to see the basement? It smells like a campfire.”


“The basement? But you don’t have one!”

React to: Waking up in a gladiator arena with a man standing over them ready to chop their head off


“I’m ready to die, I’ve lived and I’ve loved. I love you Maria!”

RT: “Let’s adopt a baby, since we can’t have our own!”