Character Reactions



“What if I accidentally set it on fire?” starts hyperventilating

RT: “I need you to die.”


“I thought you loved me?”

RT: Jumps off a bridge and dies because nobody loves them, but their crush saw them


"Good. One less person I have to kill. (I’m not saying it’s actually good, please don’t commit suicide!)

RT: “You can’t love me. The worst thing you’ve done is steal a blanket. I’ve killed someone.”


“But I love you, I can forgive you, you’ve changed since then.”

RT: on honeymoon with new wife “I love you baby” starts kissing passionately and wraps her legs around my waist, brings her to the bed, takes off her shirt


“I’m yours. Do whatever you want, I won’t complain.”

RT: The local crazy girl asking to draw your portrait.


he groans. “How long is this gonna take? And no, pulling down my pants as a pose is not an option.”

React to: “Why are you so tense? Loosen up a bit, dog.”


“Who are you calling a dog, you (a certain word for a female dog).”

React to: A girl falling from a skyscraper


“I will burn you.”

RT: Has anyone seen my fire starting kit? I need to uh, burn something."


“I have done my job.”

RT: Same thing as last post.



(Haha, it’s okay!)

“You know, you should have called me earlier if you needed to burn something! Come on, Nar, we need your help to put the fire out afterward!”

React to: The tower of Pisa falling over


“How many died? Is it burnable? Not that I care about that last one…” nervous laughter

RT: “If I said I needed to kill someone, would you? Because there’s someone I need to die but they’re too tall for me to carry all by myself.”


“Of course! Just remember to pay me depending on how hard it is to take that person out! And then we’ll be good to go!” wink

React to: “If I’m here, and you’re here, then who’s in the kitchen?” Smoke comes out of the kitchen

There have been a lot of burning recently.


There has.

“Oh. Did I forget to tell you I had a new victim? Oops…”

RT: “I can cook just fine.” pan catches fire


"Sure looks like it. Look, if you burn this apartment down, you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny for it. And see, we don’t have safe fire escapes, so at this moment, you’re screwed. Shuts kitchen door and locks it.

React to: Waking up in a coffin


“They must’ve not found me if I fell asleep.”

RT: “I wish I knew someone else who liked to murder people… I MEAN-”


“Hey, no worries, I work part time as an assassin. Would you like to work with me?”

React to: “Why is it that whenever I enter a room, strange music starts playing?”


“It’s hard rock and if you have a problem with it just say it.”

React to: “What are you looking at?”


“A future dead body.”

RT: “I need something to do. Do you know any wooden buildings that no one would miss in town?”


“The only wood I know, is my exes? Though most wasn’t impressive.”

RT: “I’m going out to work, make sure Helga doesn’t eat all of the deer skin.”


“I’ll make sure. If she does, I’ll kill her.”

RT: “Don’t freak out, but I set your house on fire.”