Character Reactions



“Then it’s working, now shut up and help me find the rest of the crew.”

RT: “What if I told we can make you sing again?”


“That’s only the beginning.”

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RT: “Can I borrow some rope?”


“Sing? Not happening, sweetheart.”

RT: Same thing as above.

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“… If it’s to strangle someone, no. I don’t want to get arrested for being the accomplice of a murderer.”

React to: “I can’t believe you. I seriously can’t even–”


“You sound like my mom when I dislocated my Patella.”

RT: “You better not be a homophobic, because all my friends are some level of gay.”


“You think I care about your friends??”

React to: “Stop it. You know I hate people waving matches in my face.”


“Who’s waving a match in your face? Oh. Cordelia, she doesn’t like that.”

RT: Do you even know what your name means?"


“Yeah. It means ‘destroyer of peace’. Kinda true in all honesty…”

React to: “I don’t like your face.”


“That’s because you just slapped it.”

RT: A classmate falling down the stairs because someone tripped her


blinks “That’s a stupidly public way to assassinate someone.”

React to: someone they love cutting themselves.


“Don’t do that! Doesn’t it hurt, I mean I wouldn’t know… but there’s someone who cares. Right? If not, I will. I will be the person that cares in your life.”

RT: “Does falling hurt?”


“Hurts as much as life does.”

React to: someone they love leaving them forever.


cries “If pain always feels like this, then I don’t want it.”

RT: “It’s not my fault my arm grosses you out!”


“I mean, your bone is sticking out. You expect me to be turned on by that?!”

React to: someone they love cheating on them.


"I can’t believe you! Get out of my house! I never want to see you again! cries uncontrollably while yelling
RT: “Truth or dare”



RT: “It has been my dream since 13 to get a girlfriend.”


"Well, now you have one so you don’t have to dream anymore winks

RT: goes to a party and gets drunk


“Aw, man. Not again. Stop taking me to bars, Cain!”

React to: finding a stash of guns in their friend’s bedroom.


“(to herself) A gun…? When did he became a gunslinger…?”

React to: “(picking up your dead lover’s broken mask)”


“I should have listened to her. Halloween is not a good place to go when you’re apart of a lesbian couple.”

RT: “Did you just slap me? You know that won’t do anything, right?”