Character Reactions



“No. But I like doing things that feel satisfying.”

React to: their home burning into flames.



RT: “It’s alright. It didn’t hurt. It never does.”


“… Well, that’s good to hear. So it wouldn’t hurt you when I leave tomorrow morning?”

React to: “Seriously? Am I not enough for you? Am I not a good enough reason for you to keep living?”


“I’M NOT GOING TO DIE BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO! I’m going to die because I was born with a condition that will kill me before I even have the chance to live and for that I’m sorry!”

RT: “Life moves too fast. One day, it will just cease to continue. Does that scare you?”


“No. Because so long as my legacy is sealed, it no longer matters when I die.”

React to: “You’ve always wanted this, didn’t you? You’ve been waiting for this moment. To just leave me behind.”


“I never wanted to die. I just learned to accept the fact that I’ll die sooner than most.”

RT: “My mother’s just the same. Constantly telling me how soon I’ll die.”


blinks. “I’m sorry… My mother’s the same. Only… She doesn’t have a reason to say that other than the fact that she just wants me gone.”

React to: “I fucking love you. Just throwing it out there. Before it’s too late.”


“You’ve considered the risks, right? If so, damn I love you too.”

RT: Why does everyone assume I want a boyfriend before I die?"


“Join the party sister, and have a glass you need it.”

RT: “You still believe this is a ‘dream’?”


“No. It’s lasted too long to be anything outside of reality.”

RT: “I’d argue, but I have things to accomplish that don’t require punching you in the jaw.”


“Fine… Then, let me do it for you.” punches

React to: “Sometimes… I don’t know if I want to live or not. Like, I know there are a lot of people who want to live, but they don’t have a choice. And here I am, lucky to be alive, and yet… I want to die.”


“I understand. I heard that life is painful. It makes sense why you want it to stop.”

RT: What does physical pain feel like?


“It just hurts. End of story. But psychological pain, I can tell you about that. It’s sharp and it hurts, but in a way that you can’t stop or control. You have no power over it. And the worst thing about it? Oftentimes, it’s the ones you love that would hurt you the most. Even when they don’t mean to.”

React to: “What does being in love feel like?”


"Well, it’s like swimming. It’s refreshing, it’s fun. Sometimes it goes to far and you drown. When you get out, it’s cold and miserable.

RT: "That’s the second time I’ve broken a bone. Damn, what’s next? I stab myself?


"Ah, don’t worry about it, man. I’ve broken plenty of bones per year. I guess it’s kinda my fault for being so reckless, but… Who wants cake??!!!"

React to: “No. Stop it. You’re ruining my bedsheets.”


“What do you mean? I’m bleeding aren’t I? Damn. I wish I felt that. Sorry.”

RT: “I can’t tell if that was a friendly gesture or a bitch slap. I can’t feel the difference.”


“Don’t worry. Neither can I.”

React to: “Sometimes, I don’t know if I like you, I’m okay with you, or I fucking hate your guts. What do you think?”


“Your attitude constantly changes, so I’m not sure either.”

RT: “I’m done with numbness. I want to feel!”


“… Trust me, you’re gonna wish you stayed numb and indifferent. I feel too much…”

React to: “I never thought I’d say this, but… You’re not that bad.”


“Thank you. I guess. You’re not bad either.”

RT: “Am I the only on here with a birth defect? Probably.” sighs