Character Reactions



pats shoulder. “There, there. Nothing to be ashamed of. You’re just more special than us, that’s all.”

React to: “Thanks, man. I like your face too.”


“I said that out loud? Oh no…”

RT: “CIPA. Learn about it before you call me careless for not noticing a scratch.”


“… Sorry for being stupid.”

React to: “Awww, thanks! Nice to know someone appreciates my fashion style.”


“No problem! Glad to make you smile.”

RT: “Just because I have a defect doesn’t mean you have to look at me like I’m the plague.”


“I never thought of it.”

RT: A girl/boy french kiss you


“Damn. I always dreamed of romance, but damn.”

RT: Did you just read my Simple Dreams list without permission?


“No, the way that I see is shitful of half-ass wishes.”

RT: A girl with arm full of tattoos, a gun and a motorcycle kidnapped you.


“You know if you torture me it won’t do anything. I can’t feel pain. If you kill me you’ll just be speeding up the inevitable.”

RT: “Crazy right? I’ve never could feel pain.”


“Me too but, when I get drunk or stoned.”

RT: “So where should we start?”


“Well, uh… I was thinking somewhere safe. Where I can’t get hurt and die.”

RT: “My mom always thought I was strange for wanting a girlfriend.”


“Yeah, well, it’s probably because she thinks you’re gay. You do look it.”

RT: “I genuinely think your cat is the devil.”


“Considering I don’t have a cat… we should run.”

RT: “I think someone’s following us.”


“Well is he hot? Or is he a creep? If he is hot I think we should ask him out, if he’s a creep lets call the police…”

RT: It’s the last day of school


“I can’t believe I survived another year of school!”

RT: “I never thought I’d live this long.”


“Me too.”

RT: “What if the fear you feel isn’t bad?”


“I already knew fear was beneficial, dumbass.”

React to: “I forgot your clothes in my bedroom. Sorry about that.”


“It’s fine, at least I didn’t leave my panties this time.”

RT: “Are you trying to flirt with me?”


“That one time that I’m actually nice for once, and people like you assume it’s flirting… I can’t even–”

React to: “Stop it! Shut up! Can’t you see I’m talking on the phone?!!”


“Actually, that’s the remote for the TV. Your phone is still ringing.”

React to: “The British are here, the British are here!”


" but the war is over." stares at person “it ended seven years ago.” looks at disappointed person
“But still, I agree it would have been fun to fight in, LET’S GO FIGHT THE BRITISH!”