Character Reactions



“I don’t care. I don’t even buy tea. We barely have enough water here, where would the tea come from?”

React to: “Ghosts are real. And they all want to kill you. Because you killed them in a car accident last year.”


“Hmmm… I don’t drink tea. I drink coffee.”

React to: "I thought you liked me. I didn’t expect you to love me!’


“And it hurts!! Because you sent me away, and now you at me!! Now you’ll pay!!”

React to: “(holding a big sabertooth cub) Can we keep this wee kitty?”


“Ehh…I’m not sure.”

RT: “Just a matter of time.”


“I know it is, It’s scary too.”

RT: “We all have a doomsday clock inside us.”


“I’d call it expiring date. Yet, basically, you’re right.”

React to: My husband now wants to learn sewing to make his ballon. And because he likes the anniversary date of 10101-years.


“That’s wonderful…” stares off into the distance and then turns back to the character
“If you are asking for my help…I kind of have my hands full right now…um…”

RT: “…they’re currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet… Humans.”


“OMG! Aster, quick! Burn all of them!”

React to: “Hey. Look behind you.”


(evades and catches the attacker before knocking him out) Don’t worry. I already expected that.”

React to: “(carrying a tamed sabertooth cub with a size of an adult dog)


“I-Is that safe?”

RT: “Y’all need to stop yelling.”



React to: A giant dust mite


“I’ve died and I’ve gone to Hell.”

RT: “Welcome to Hell, sister!”


“Hey, hell? Nice to meet you!”

React to: random rock music coming on whenever you walk outside


“What is this noise?” puts hands over ears and tries to walk away

RT: “Hello you have reached Evil Boy Genius, I am not here right now because I am plotting evil laughter leave a message after the moan…” LOUD MOANING comes from the other end of the phone


“Really Skye? Again? Stop with he fake numbers…”

RT: “Straight friends are for normal, average advice. Gay friends are for spicing up your life and helping you!”


“Oh, uh…I dunno if this is important or not, but I was just calling to tell you that we have a sniper on you. He’s about to shoot now.”

@ModernRemusLupin “Wait…wait…what? I mean, my brother is nice.”

React to: random apples raining down from the sky


“…I think my life is weird enough at the moment, why do strange things keep happening to me?” tries to dodge the apples falling from the sky but gets hit by one “Ow! Whoever is controlling this magic, please stop it, NOW! and…ow!”

RT: points stick at your character and mutters spell


giggles “I like Harry Potter too.”

RT: “Life is beautiful, but death is poetic.”


“I kind of wish you would stop saying that.” stares at the other character
“…considering the fact that you seem not to know how to handle social situations without giving someone a broken rib…or black eye, I think you should tone down a little on the whole life and death thing…and maybe try to kill me less…ow!”

RT: “… One ring to rule them all , one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…was that too dramatic?” holds up plastic ring that looks like it had been a candy ring
“I mean, I want this ring to cause fear to everyone who views it, but I am worried it may be a little much to…let’s say, that it was made in a volcano, when it was made in a candy shop or factory…but what do you think?”


dying of laughter

RT: “Do opposites really attract?”