Character Reactions



“…if you are talking about my parents then yes, they do…oh, and also the opposite ends of magnets attract too…”

RT: “{insert your character’s name}, what do your Elf-eyes see??”


“Oh, how you’re body will look when you’re dead, of course!”

React to: “What is that?” Points at random flying pig behind character



RT: “Is gay truly yay?”


“Nay. Sometimes it’s just okay.”

React to: “Aw man, I just shot Marvin in the face.”


“Well… Is Marvin alright? And specifically, what did you shoot him with? A bullet, a toy gun, or your c----”

React to: “Dude. I just got my nails done. Stop stroking my nail! I know it’s smooth! Stop it!”


“But it’s so pretty! Nobody can purchase nail polish down here!”

React to: “Why is there a dead cow in your basement?”


“Why wouldn’t there be?”

React to: “Stop staining my sofa with your Twinkie!”


“Helga is drinking actual blood and you worry about the Twinkie staining the sofa.”

RT: “Don’t give me that bullshit, you stole half of my money, the band member and left all of that bombshell in a text. I have every reason to be pissed at you, so don’t give me any lame excused!!”


“True…but you still suck as a person.”

React to: “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.”



RT: " I don’t want to die like this, but what choice do I have."


“That’s exactly how I feel too.”

RT: “Dying really sucks.”


“Meh. Can’t be any worse than living.”

React to: “Is the bomb supposed to be counting down?”


“The figurative bomb inside my heart is always counting down.”

RT: “We all die someday. Just some sooner than others.”


“Well I just tripped on the chord for your life support so…bye?”

React to: “I’m blind. Could you let me know when the stoplight’s turned green so I can keep driving?”


“Hey where do you need go, because I’ll drive for you.”

RT: “All I did was break my arm. It didn’t even hurt and it still doesn’t.”


“That wasn’t your arm. That was MY arm! And it hurts like a bitch!”

React to: “Why’d you only call me when you’re high?”


“Because I’m never high and I don’t like you.”

RT: “Everyone wants me to get drunk. Why?”


“Probably want to wiggle you into bed. What losers. Can’t even get laid with a sober person.”

React to: “Hi. Is your name Bob? You look like a “Bob”.”


“I’m a girl… and my name is Adara…”

RT: “Are you supposed to say yes when people ask you to smoke with them, because I didn’t.”


shakes his head “Man, you are one smart girl. I like you. You’re smart. Unlike me.”

React to: “I’ve compiled a list of ways to say you died.”