Character Reactions



“Is birth defect one of them? That’s how I will die…”

RT: “Is plotting murder illegal, because if so I’ve committed a crime.”


“Did you commit it yet? No? So, no, you haven’t broken the law. Not yet, at least…”

React to: “Am I dreaming? Why do you suddenly have two heads?!”


“Well it’s either you’re drunk or you meet my two head doppelganger from a different dimension.”

RT: “What’s a siren?!”


“Just the police car being bitchy.”

React to: “Anyone ever tell you you’d look cute in a beret?”


“hmm…really is that your best pick up line.”

RT: “Wait there is more than one of you?”


“Yes. My friend Skye is also one.”

RT: “Has anyone ever told you how your eyes sparkle in the starlight?”


(blushes and shies away)

React to: “(to another male character) This is so wrong, but I cannot keep this feelings any longer…! Forgive me, Gate…but I think I have fallen in love with you like I did to her…!”



RT: “I’m a frying pan.”


“Not quite the weapon I wanted to use, but in this case it will do!”

React to: “I will not allow you to LEAVE MA AGAIN!! (transforms to a lycanthrope)



RT: “You’ve been the best friend, but I have to say goodbye.”


“What? Why go? After all we’ve fought for, you’d say that like you’re going to die!”

React to: “(insert character name), you’re feverish!!”


“Not again! I must of cut myself and not noticed again!”

RT: teary eyed “Sometimes I wonder if Mom really wants me dead.”


“It’s okay to cry. We’re here for you. When she has no care for you, we will be your family. (hug)

React to: “(to a chosen victim, seductively) Don’t be shy and open your eyes. I don’t bite…(smirk)


“Is this what death feels like?”

RT: phone rings “Ignore that. It’s just my mom wanting to tell me how I’ll die.”


“Yeah, you already know it’s death by the shoe. What’d you do this time?”

RT: “How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth at once?”


“Um…I don’t know, maybe two?”

RT: “Do you want to spar with me?”


“Not really.”

RT: " I’m looking for Aughra…does anyone know a person named Aughra?" If anyone gets this reference, I will be so happy!


“Nope. Is it the weird looking one over there?”

React to: “Why is there a random spaceship in my front yard? And why are there lasers shooting out of it now?”


“Look, it’s not mine and it’s not Cat’s. Not all aliens know each other, or their motives either. I’m as much in the dark about this as you are.”

RT: “I accidently sneezed in your soup when making it. Hope you don’t mind.”


“No…it’s fine, at least it’s something to eat, and we shouldn’t waste food, even if I do catch the flu from eating it.”

RT: “Go back, or thou shalt most certainly die!”