Character Reactions



“I am already dead inside.”

RT: “Who-what the hell are you?!”


“What, you ask? I am the Great Demon Lord, Lucifer! Just kidding, I’m a normal human. He’s over there.” Points behind person who asked

React to: “Why, just why, are there giant robots flying through the air and blowing stuff up? This is not a movie!” Person yelling gets blown up


“Well at least we don’t have to worry about him doing drugs anymore…”

React to: “Ouch. My arm fell off.”


“…” mouth opens, then closes, then opens again. “WHY IS THERE NO BLOOD?!”

React to: “It’s rather bold of you to assume I have an ego.”


“It’s even more bold of you to assume you’re talking to a real person and not just a voice in your head.”

React to: “Hey, buddy, you want a ride? I’m taking a trip into the Grand Canyon. Literally INTO the Canyon off a cliff. Wanna join?”


“I have no intentions of dying this young. I’m good, thanks.”

React to: “Has it ever occurred to you that I’ve always been the only one listening?”


“Now ye mentioned it, how 'bout ye say something 'bout yerself?”

React to: (A sentence written in some very ancient language which another character understands.)


“…” stares at the character who understands, waiting for a translation. Not sure if that’s intentional, but is that a book reference? :smirk::smirk:

React to: “I forgot my soul back at my house. Could you drive back so I can fetch it?”


“Ugh, it’s not like we’re going to be gone long. You’ll be fine without it. Seriously, you’re as bad as a smoker”

RT: “Maybe if I close my eyes and snap my fingers, it’ll all go away.”


“I mean, it works for me. Not sure if just anyone could do it though.”

React to: “The coffee is so dark and bitter…like my soul.”


“You’re a roasted bean, congratulation.”

‘I won’t cuddle our cook! He’ll be scarred for the rest of his life.’


“Could you at least do it so, he stops boxing my ears?”

RT: “Life in the orphanage is so dull…”


Ash’kai looks a little confused for about three seconds, then bobs her head. “Yes! Child holding house. Have seen one. Very sad. Tirrae have none. Send or-fanns to wild. Fend for selves.” She patted their shoulder with a clawed hand. “Dull. But safe from being food.”

( Just to clear confusion, Tirrae is a race. They’re kinda… brutal. )

“I have two questions. Why is the building on fire, and do I even want to know. Actually, I have a third, HOW did you even set it on fire.”


“The building is on fire to hide the body. You don’t need to know anything else. You know, in case the cops try to grill you. Look innocent, be innocent, whatever-whatever.”

RT: “My mom hoards old newspapers and My Little Ponies.”


“How does she feed the ponies though? and where do they sleep? I mean, they must take up a lot of space in your house…” other character stares

RT: “Are you a poet? Because I am in need of one, so I can tell the tale of MY heroic quest!”


“No. Go find one yourself. Or, well, find another one.”

React to: “Hey, I just got impaled by a stick. Mind helping fixing me up?”


“How the hell did it happen?”

RT: “What’s with the fancy red cloak? Were you playing with your grandparents curtains?”


“. . . Um, yes. Let’s go with that.”

RT: " “I instructed them to take the tarp out to the garbage truck!”


“Nice job, jackass! The garbage man got lodged in the truck because of that!”

React to: “I forgot my meds. Nothing bad will happen, right?”


“I’m not a doctor so how would I know?” laughs

RT: “She’s getting used to the idea.”