Character Reactions



(in a teeny tiny voice) I am not, well I am right but, just go get me a mage to change me back to normal!!”

React to: “Say, you’re not planning to turn me to–(transformed)–A HORSE?!!”


“Actually, I was planning to turn you into a rock to shut you up, but I guess your cells were too stupid to die and rearrange themselves.”

React to: a house strung up with a million balloons floating into the air


“I must been dreaming again…” sighs sadly



“Then let’s go kill the author!” (Everyone, watch out, or your characters are going to kill you one day).

React to: A magical being jumping out of the river and trying to drown you


takes out sword “I’m sorry but I HAVE a sword and you don’t…so if you try to kill me again, I will stab you!”

RT: a dog walks up to your character and suddenly speaks
“Hi, so you might know me, I’m (insert character’s name) I just got turned into a dog…”


“Aren’t dogs your favorite animal, Faith? Now you can live as one! Call me again in a few days!” Walks away.

React to: A genie appears in front of character. “You have three chances to figure out which came first: the chicken or the egg. If you get it wrong, you will die. If you get it right, you will die after I grant your wish. The contract has already been sealed. Answer the question!”


" Ummm, aaah-h, a-a-a ROOSTER! "

RT : A stranger comes up to you and tells you that you only have 1 hour to live.


“Good! Because right after you tell me why, you’ll have zero hours to live!”

React to: death of parents (again if they already died)


She’d just be stunned. Because her parents are well respected in their community. Her first thought would be that the family secret was what caused their murder. Unless they died in a car accident. She’d be pretty stunned at that too, but she’ll be well off money and financial wise.

React to: “I thought you were decent once. Once.


“What makes you think that I am not still decent?”

RT: “…Soft you now!
The fair (insert character’s name here)! — Nymph, in thy orisons
Be all my sins remember’d.”


“What does that even mean? I don’t speak ancient idiocy.”

RT: “A student has broken into the school and fallen off a balcony. We’re sending students home untul further notice.”


“Who do you think it was?”

React to: “(a sight of wicked harpies flying towards you)”


“Umm, should I perhaps run away?”

React to: "I’m your reflection. You’ve been asleep for a very long time."


" Well, not long enough I guess. Give me 5 more minutes alright? "

RT: You are about to be pushed down the cliff by your exes crazy girlfriend.


“WTF, man. You really stooped that low? Come on, I thought you had better tastes than that.”

React to: Their lover and their sibling in a bed together, the lover is shirtless.


“What the heck. I guess you made a mistake, we are twins after all.”

React to: thousands of spam mail in your inbox, not the trash (Like in your email)


“Well, crap…At least I know my family’s popular.”

React to: “She choked my chicken!!!”


“Why are you telling me this? Just because I am related to her, doesn’t mean I can control her…completely. mutters Plus I um…kind of told her to do that”

RT: “…I’ll speak in a monstrous little voice…and no one will know it is me!”


“…but isn’t your voice always monstrous and squeaky?”

React to: “You turned your back on tomorrow, because you forgot yesterday.” #songreference


“…alright?” stares at other character with a confused expression

RT: “why do they have to make a sequel to Frozen?” starts wailing
“Soon we will have other annoying songs stuck in our brains forever!”