Character Reactions



“WHAT THE FUCK IS FROZEN?” The story took place 7 years before Frozen was released.

React to: “I don’t like your personality, but I do like your face very much.”


punches character in the face “I like your face too, it looks so much better with that black eye.” walks away angrily

RT: " You are a monster."


“Tell me something I don’t know.”

React to: “I liked you once. Weird, huh?”


“Huh, never would have guessed.”

React to: “Oh, yeah. I remember when I was in a different universe and killing people.”


“So, you’re from another universe too? You’ll get along great with Pearl.”

RT: “We need funny people.”


“Agreed. So you can choke on your sandwich as you try to eat lunch.”

React to: “It’s so wet! And it’s nasty!”


“Like your personality. Seriously, stop whiny and grab it. We gotta go.”

RT: “We know true love is a myth, right?”


“It’s not just a myth. It’s a stupid figment of delusional people’s imaginations.” (She literally says this in one of the chapters.)

React to: “You look so shady in that corner of that alleyway. Get out before people call the cops on you.”


“I am a cop.”

React to: computer crashes over and over again for absolutely no reason


“What is this…thing? It must be a magical object of some sort!” starts randomly pressing buttons
“the glowing box keeps freezing! I wonder if…” stares at it for a few moments but decides to go read a book to figure out if it has appeared before in hero’s quests finally walks over to it and declares “…some Sorcerer or sorcerous must have made it!”

RT: your character gets kidnapped by trolls how do they react?


Wakes up. “What the–wait, this is going too quickly. Do you want to put me down now, or do you want me to incinerate you now?”
No reply.
“Well, okay, I guess I’ll stick around for a little while longer? Where are you taking me anyway?”

React to: a box full of the worst nightmares sitting in a darkened room that was opened a crack


runs over and sits on it.

React to: “I never thought I’d ever say this, but… You’re a decent person. Still kinda shitty, but decent.”


“Ewww… I don’t wanna be decent, kid.”

React to: “Hey, it says gullible on the ceiling.”


“I’m most definitely not falling for that one this time!”

React to: “I know that we’ve been through so much and you were my first love but I have to admit…I’m in love with your mother.”


“… You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you serious? Are you actually serious?! I can’t—I can’t even—” gets super angry.

React to: “Sorry, I meant to tell you this earlier, but… Your parents have been dead for 5,674 years.”


(Oh hey, Exodus is back!)

“You miscalculated that by about 326 years.”

React to: “What have you done? We’ll all pay in blood for that one!”


shrugs “As long as it’s not my blood.”

RT: “Have you ever been in a custody fight?”


“…No, I haven’t…”

RT: “I don’t do sides!”


“Well, you ought to change your ways, then. Because you either choose my way or the highway. Your choice.”

React to: The stars falling down to the ground at night.


“So this is the place where I achieve what is impossible? I knew it was true! I knew it!”

React to: Your cat attacking your toe.