Character Reactions



“Will you quit it?! Ugh, you adorable little rascal. I am trying to get some work done!”

React to: Being held at gunpoint in a back alley as a mugger is asking for your wallet.


sighs and mumbles “Oh, not again.” then louder “Please, for your own sake, refrain from further action. I can invite you for dinner or get you into hospital before you’ll take your next breath. However, stop this nonsense, will you?”

React to: realising the present for your auntie won’t arrive in time


“Wait, I just remembered. I don’t have an auntie.”

React to: boyfriend/girlfriend forgetting about their birthday after dating for five years


“At least we finally have something in common now.”

React to: “You must have way too much free time on your hands.”


laughs “Right, free time. Right in between reforming our entire economic and governmental system and preparing for a potential world war.”

React to: “Hey, you come here often?”


“No. I’m just here to drop off some bombs. Bye.” rolls her eyes.

React to: “Helllllloooooo? Anybody in here?! I can see your shadow, you know?!”


Slides over a little “How about now?”

RT: “Three shirts, three pairs of pants. No golf clubs.”


“Only three shirts and pants?! Come on, we’re gonna be staying for a whole month!”

React to: “That’s a big ditch in your backyard. What’s it for?”


“…you mean the moat? Ahhh…it’s to project the castle in times of war.” straightens helmet
“I assume you haven’t seen a moat before then?”

RT: “… * I’m not flirting! What made you think I was doing such a thing as flirting?!”


“You said you liked my face!!! HOW IS THAT NOT FLIRTING?!”

React to: “Aww, thanks, bro! I got you some food too!”


“That better not be a joke. You know joking about food isn’t cool’.”

RT: “Tell him what you saw!”


“A hideous mirror, that’s what I saw.”

React to: “Hello, there. Do you need assistance with your shopping bag? Lead me to your car, I’ll help! And hand over your car keys while you’re at it. Why? So I can carry your grocceries home for you, of course! Why else?” smiles widely.


"You seem confused. I’m fourteen. I don’t have a car… . "

RT: “What do you want from me?”


“I didn’t say anything, you started to talk to yourself.”

RT: " I’m just asking how you guys meet? Not give me an hour-long drama show."


" And that’s how we met, it was literally like something out of an overly dramatic sitcom."

RT : " But I thought you guys broke up ? "


“No no no. This is a different person. That looks exactly like the one I broke up with.”

React to: “Hello, would you like to try our totally safe and not poisoned wine?” (Or fruit punch, if the character’s underage).


“No freakin’ thanks, kid.”

React to: -Children getting drunk off of fruit punch-


stares “… Weirdos.”

React to: “I think I just busted my soul.”


“Oh no, would you like me to fix it?” Holds knife.

React to: “Wow. We. Are. Totally. Screwed.”


“Maybe you are, but I’m getting the hell out of here.”

React to: “Would you like to dance?”