Character Reactions



“I think it’s going bad.”

RT: blood oozing through the door


“Clean it up before Ma gets home!”

RT: Oh shoot, she’s here!!


sighs “I’m sorry that I caught you at a time when you didn’t want to be interrogated, but we kind of have to, your prints were found at the scene.” takes out note-pad “ready?”

RT: “I was pretty sure you weren’t supposed to do that…”


“Probably not.”

RT: “Where’s the nearest bridge?”


“Over a few hills from here. You’ll have to travel really far to get to it, but thankfully there are some places where you can stop to eat in case you get hungry, actually a lot of places…anyway, why do you need to find a bridge?”

RT: “Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? WHICH DO YOU LIKE BETTER!?” holds up two shirts one saying “I :heart: Lord of the Rings” and the other says, “I :heart: Harry Potter”


“I’ve never heard of them. What are they about?”

Reply to:

“Do you believe in God?”


“I mean… I guess.”

RT: “BRO!”


“What what what? She’s not that hot.”

RT: have you ever had chicken and bread?



RT: “Please tell me you’re not a vegan.”


“God created animals for our consumption, The tasty ones anyway”

RT: “Let me tell you 'bout Jesus”


“Ok. Go ahead.”



“I bind up that demon in the name of the lord, Hallelluuuuuuuuuuuu”

RT: “Pastor Richmond sure lookin’ fine today”


“Uh. Thanks?”

RT: “You can’t flirt with the preacher.”


“Says who? It’s not like I’m expecting him to reciprocate.”

React to: “So… Are you gonna stay the night?” #songreference


“Certainly, yet not here.”

React to: discovering your bff is writing a book about you


" OOOOH! Please make me a villain! "

React to : You just got bitten by a venomous snake and you have 5 minutes to live.


Kick the snake. They’re going to die anyway, so get revenge on the snake and kill it.

React to: “I can make all of your dreams and wishes come true. You just have to die.”


“I’d rather earn them all. By being alive to do so.

React to: “Do you know that thingy in that thingy near that thingy? Over there, see the thingy?”


“Please clarify. It’s difficult to see it if you’re just calling it ‘thingy’.”

React to: “Oh no! We’re surrounded!”


“By what? Elephants? Monsters? Ants? Or just air? Because I don’t see anything.”

React to: “Hello. Have you seen a corpse anywhere around here? I believe I’ve lost one.”