Character Reactions



“I probably brought it back to life.”

React to: “Where are my chips?”


takes hand. puts on stomach. "It’s right in here. Nice and cozy. It’s waiting for you… " smiles widely.

React to: “Did you seriously throw away my Halloween candy?”


“No, I would never throw away Halloween candy! I ate it all.”

React to: “Have you seen my shoes? I can’t find them.”


stares “You know, you’re welcome to use me as shoes. I think I make pretty fine footwear.”

React to: “Don’t you think that’s a bit too much?”


“Ha! Honey, I haven’t even started…”

React to: “Have you ever been so far as to even pretend to even want to go to do more like?”


“I don’t pretend who I am, I am who I pretend to be.”

React to: Your flatmate opening letters addressed to you


The letter: “Dear flatmate, your socks are untied. Sincerely, flatmate”

React to: “Welcome to the annual Hunger Games…”


“Oh Hell No!!!”

React to: “Seriously another curse antique, how many did you spend on that junk?”


“Nothing, actually. You can get anything for free if you use enough force.”

react to: “I usually like to get to know my victims a little before I kill them. Tell me something about yourself.”


“Um…I won’t let you kill me?”

React to: “Nuclear bomb launching for * insert character name* house in 5…4…3…2”


“Welp, if it’s my time to go it’s my time to go.”

React to: "Who do you think you are, telling me what to do?


“The one who tells you what to do, obviously.”

React to: “Anyone home??”


wants to scream “noooo”, but is smarter than that, so she stays silent.

React to: “Nice hair you got there. How many containers to gel did it take?”


looks shocked “NONE! This is NATURAL elven hair!”

RT: “Your grandparents are weird! They keep muttering things and pointing sticks at stuff…”


“Oh, they do that all the time,” I said with a shrug. “They’re probably just practicing their, uh, ‘witchcraft’ stuff. It’s fine.” I squint at my (weird) grandparents skeptically.

React to: "What do you mean you don’t know where we are? You said, literally thirty seconds ago, that you knew where the exit was!


“That was before we had to run down a hall to hide from those guards. You want out of here? You lead!”

React to: “Today’s a lovely day… To end the world!”


facepalms “I thought we went over this, we aren’t ending the world, we are only…making it better!”

RT: “I have a potion that can turn you into a human, now, would you like that dearie? It only costs a strand of your hair, and maybe your voice…”


Stares at person strangely. “Is this a weird plot twist the author came up with or something?”

React to: An angry mob of people outside their house


“God damnit, Micky. What did you do now?”

RT: “I can’t tell you what to do. You’ll know how you’ll sleep at night.”


“Gee, thanks.”

React to: lightning striking ten feet away from where they’re standing.