Character Reactions



“Eh, ten feet. No probs.” Gets electrocuted.

React to: a mad scientist using character for experiments involving talking animals


“And that’s the reason why I prefer to stay away from you humans. Someone always has to ruin it.”

React to: A random animal attacking your mc’s toe


“Why is there a Chiwawa attacking my toe!?” looks around and is confused

RT: “if you could shape shift into any creature what would you shape shift into?”


“A kitty cat! Like, one of those fluffy ones with the cute pink noses and calico fur.”

React to: “Don’t worry, I know this city like the back of my hand!” Looks at their hand “Huh, that’s new.”


“Wait— what! Your telling me, that you wrote the map on the back of your hand!!” facepalms
“I asked you for help! And now you are lost because you–oh great! Why does stuff like this have to happen to me?”

RT: “Would you rather take over the world with mind control or destroy it with this giant red button?” accidentally leans on button and count down starts “Oops, I did not mean to do that.”


“If the world is going to be destroyed and everyone’s going to die… I guess you won’t mind me doing this…” starts strangling the person.

React to: “Are you blushing or do you just have a severe case of the flu?”


“No, no, no, you don’t understand. I’m just so mad that I could kill you right now.”

React to: Stars falling from the sky


“How are you still alive? The sun would’ve burnt all of us to death. Or is this death, and you’re still following me around? Lord, you sent me to heaven, yet I feel like I’m in hell.”

React to: “You calling me arrogant makes you seem very ignorant. Don’t tell me to change when you don’t even know anything about me after 3 years.”


Lol, you’re the funniest person ever :joy:


Awww thank you! :blush:


“… Chill, man. I only called you arrogant because you said the mirror was beautiful. It’s just a joke, bro. But in all honesty… The mirror is pretty good-looking if I do say so myself.”

React to: “Do you have extra popcorn? I still have 2 hours of the movie left.”


Your welcome :joy: Wanna be friends


Of course! :blush:


“What type of movie is this? We’ve been sitting here for over five hours.”

React to: “What’s with the hungry troll you brought home that’s trying to eat us-” Speaker gets eaten.


“…whoops. I forgot to feed Bobberina her breakfast earlier this morning.”

React to: “Hi. Welcome to Dudknfjedj. How may I take your order? Having trouble choosing? I highly recommend the Kfnendjfj. It’s high in demand because it’s so good. Fresh and organic, straight from the sewers. Want a sample?”


“Screw you guys. I’m out of here.”

React to: “‘This tattoo will protect me from harm!”


starts poking the tattoo really hard. “Does that hurt? How about now? And now?”

React to: “I’m flying too close to the sun.” (#songreference)


“Well then get farther away from it!” (I don’t get it)

React to: the ghost of your evil stepmother


“I… Never even had a stepmother. I think you’re confused, lady.”

React to: “Oh, I just can’t wait to be king!”


“…well, um, do you have to say it in such a evil sounding way? I know we have thought about dethroning royalty before” polishes knives “but we kind of gave up on it after a while, it just got too common of a thing to do.”

RT: “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream!”