Character Reactions



“I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar; a gleam.”

React to: “I…I don’t know what to do.” (Holds head)


“You eat candy, that’s what you do. And you should get more sleep. That would improve your thought process a lot.”

React to: “Gosh dammit, we ran out of coffee again.”


(Goes to the ground gripping her hair) “NOOOOOO!”

React to: (Tries to hide her wings) “I tried to tell you, but you were so busy hanging out with your friends…”


. . .

“But I don’t have any friends.”

React to: “Wait, you actually have more than two shirts?”


“Nah, this is just the same shirt but inside out.”

React to: “My face is on fire!”


“Then go and splash water on- wait…did you eat something spicy again? (Sigh)”

React to: “(Nervous) Uh…W-What did you think about my performance?”


“You were hilarious!..You were trying to be funny on purpose, though, right?”

React to: “Hey, can you turn the steering wheel for me? I don’t have arms lol”



React to: “Woof.”


“OMG CIEL!!” (If you understand the reference, then you are amazing).

React to: Being forced to finish ten chapter books in one day


In one day? Are you fucking insane? (If approaching anyone who isn’t an Authority Figure)
Mister/Miss, we can’t do that in one day! (If approaching a teacher who isn’t part of the Authority)
To the order! (When approaching any Authority Figure, she won’t do it though. But nobody, not even her, will say that to an Authority figure, you might as well put a gun to your head)

How would your character react to: You can either join us, or you can be killed right here!
Edit: Forgot to add my own thing


“Or I can kill you right here!”

React to: A time machine. And you’re stuck in it


“GREAT SCOTT!!!” (I really hope someone gets the reference)

React to: “Who wants to sing a campfire song?”


“You know your singing sucks, right? Come on guys, let’s go to bed.”

React to: getting your leg amputated


“I knew this would happen eventually…”

RT: “Whoever wants to sing can do it in Hell!”


“Come on, I don’t see what you have against singing! Its the best thing in the world!!” starts singing dramatically hoping to annoy the other character

RT: “sings Something has changed within me.
Something is not the same.
I’m through with playing by the rules
of someone else’s game…stop singing and talks um, and I forgot the rest of the lyrics, sorry!”


“Good. Your voice is terrible.”

React to: a magical pony walking across a beautiful rainbow


“KILL IT!!!”

React to: “Look, a shooting star! Make a wish.”


"Uh…(place name here), why is it getting brighter and coming toward us?!"

React to: “See? I told you not to drink that potion! Now look what’s happened to you!”


“I know, I know!” sighs “Now every guy within ten miles is hopelessly in love with me! But c’mon, Ashley, you gotta help me! If I run into Negito or any of my guy friends like this…” gulps

React to: “Hey, there. Y’wanna buy a watch?”
watches “Don’t buy us, we’re fakes!”


“Um… Okay. I never really liked watches anyway…”

React to: “Don’t you ever stop to think, “Oh, I might be insane and out of my mind”?”