Character Reactions



“Why should I even start?”

React to: a heat wave following two weeks of bitter coldness


Instant fever

React to: “You are not allowed to eat for the next seven days.”


“. . .Are you really that mad about the couch-thing?”

RT: “It worked. Suspicion’s been lifted.”


“Oh thank goodness. I was afraid of how Mother would react to the news that her daughter burgled a couch from the Prime Minister.”

React to: “Haven’t you heard the princess is with child?”


stares “…what princess?”

React to: “I like spending time with the snail more than spending time with you.”


rolls her eyes "…oh, whatever. It’s not like I care anyway. "

React to: a bird pooping on your head.


“Stupid bird.” Bird gets frozen to death

React to: a person falling from a crane


Stares for a few moments “Murder…”

RT: “Just, SHUT UP!”


“What? Is my explanation of macroeconomics in our current world incorrect? Like how country name’s markets are failing due to the monopoly of insert market since it was taken over by country name? Or would you like to know how blah blah blah blah…”

I have no idea what I just typed up there.

React to: random person spilling grape juice on character, obviously on purpose but trying to make it look like an accident


“Congratulations. When you go to sleep tonight, you won’t be waking up.”

React to: “Hey, is that you on that billboard up there?”


“Oh, you noticed?” Murders.

React to: chocolate milk


" . . . Potatoes."

React To: “Old sourpuss sure as a sense of humor.”


“HA!!! Who names their kid ‘sourpuss’?”

React to: “Yo we should start a band.”


“What do we call it? ‘The Worthless Two’? Since there are only two people in this band and we’re both worthless side characters?”

React to: death of best friend through unknown illness


“Now I’ll have to break in a new ‘best friend’. Hope I don’t catch what the last one had, either.”

React to: an unknown cell phone ringing in the distance


“Anyone shut that thing down?! Now!”

React to: being told you need glasses


“But I already have glasses.”

React to: flying pigs


“Bacon time!” cocks sniper rifle

React to: “Stop being cute.”


“Genetics is not something I can alter. Not that I want to anyway.”

React to: “Is that a bird’s nest on your head?”


“N-no!” pulls of birds nest “it’s, um, just a cool hat!” nervous laughter
“That just so happens to have real eggs inside!”

RT: “We need more strong woman characters! AUTHOR ADD MORE STRONG WOMAN TO THE STORY!”