Character Reactions



stares incredulously “Um excuse me?! Are you seriously implying that I’m weak?!”
me, the author: “Aw crap, you triggered her. Take cover!”

React to: “I like you. But your face is better than your personality. Just being honest, cuz you know, honesty is key in a relationship.”


jaw drops “I kind of think that not insulting the person that you are courting is key to a relationship” stands up and walks away but part way through turns around “Also, I think that solving cases is more interesting than having dinner with you, just being honest, because apparently it is key in a relationship!”

RT: “Would you rather wear this frilly dress” shows character pink dress that has a lot of ruffles
“Or this shimmery dress?” shows character a dress that has lots and lots of rhinestones on it
“If you decide you don’t want to wear either of these, his majesty will be very upset”


“Well, then let his fucking majesty be upset. I will not be limited to only two options. They’re ugly options too. Seriously. The colors could be better. His fucking majesty has poor taste.”

React to: “I didn’t know that there was more to life than playing video games.”


“Yes, there is…um, also what are video games?”

RT: “You can’t escape, I have you cornered and…” takes out potion and splashes onto your character who then transforms magically into a bunny, other character stares “oops, that was the wrong potion!”


Really tiny and high voice. “Turn me back right this moment! Or I’ll kill you!” Rapidly tries to scratch person. “Ugh, it’s not working! And you! Stop staring at me!”

React to: Youtube Rewind 2018


“2018? Oh, so this is a…flash back to the future?” my characters aren’t from our world or from our time, so they would find it confusing.

RT: Your character is sitting next to someone who claims to be controlling your character’s life


“That explains a lot. What am I supposed to do now?”

RT: “That’s good. You almost sound sincere.”


ugh you gotta always give me the hard ones XD. okay
“Great, now you’re smart-mouthing me. Will you ever listen?”

RT irritated “Since when do you get to choose?”


“It’s because I am not the one who is likely to cause a war, where as…” decides not to go on with argument and hides from other character

RT: “Great, just what we needed, a bomb that is supposed to destroy the world in…five seconds! You told me it was five minutes not five seconds! How are we supposed to defuse it now!?”


“Oh wait…I used the wrong time–wait, I mean, HE used the wrong time setting! Not me! I didn’t do anything!” Bomb explodes.

React to: Crazy man-eating monsters with really cool hair and unmatchable powers who want your character for a really tasty dinner.


“I’m in for dinner! Yet, can’t eat too much. You know, magic doesn’t go with a happy stomach. However, if you don’t mind, hairy guy, eat someone else.”

React to: seeing you train will be late


“Mm, thats okay. Looks like that lady over there needs some help. That’ll kill some time.”

React to: “I’ve been to the hole. Have you?”


“You mean the one that’s in your brain? Nah, the hole seems to make you stupid.”

React to: “Hey, did you hear about how you never went home for a week?”


“Yes, that tends to be the result of being called to battle.”

React to: “I know what you’re hiding.”


“Pray tell me.”

React to: “Told you not to go swimming with your clothes on.”


" For the hundredth time, I was pushed in! "

React to : " I don’t understand why you’re her friend, she’s kind of a bitch. "


“I believe you’re projecting again.”

React to: “Are you really going to eat that?”


“I’ve eaten weirded things.”

React to: “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”


Okay is going.”

React to: “I loved you for the longest time.”


“Sucks for you”

RT: “What exactly are you doing?”