Character Reactions



“Metabolism. What about you?”

React to: “There are two moons circling our planet. One at night and one at day.”


“Interesting, very interesting.”

RT: “I don’t know why people like Romance novels, I find them so boring with all the kissing, and ugh…handsome boys, and pretty girls, it’s all just so cliche!”


“Wow. I finally found someone who shares my opinion. What’s the point of a genre that is based on a lie?”

React to: “I didn’t think you’d actually do it… I thought you were bluffing…”


“Most people think I’d be dead. They’re wrong, too.”

React to: *Ohhh…that went wrong…"


“That’s why, you should have followed my plan, even if you didn’t like it!”

RT: your character wakes up in their girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s body (if they have one if they don’t it will be their best friend’s body)


“Going to assume this is Manny’s doing and he knows what’s going on. Feel bad for Cherry though. She’s going to be mad.”

RT: “I’m scared.”


"Hey, relax. Take a deep breath. The best way to overcome fear is to face it head on. More you keep saying you are scared, higher possiblity that you would be. "

"Wait how did you sneak in? There are cameras everywhere. "


“…there were?” (Key word: were).

React to: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”


“I dunno, 'cause he’s an idiot?”

React to: “The world doesn’t revolve around you.”


“Then why is there a paper mache planet circling around me?” Looks up to see a girl holding a fishing pole with the paper mache planet attached to it.

React to: “Look! There are two moons! One’s red and one’s green!”


“… There’s three, you idiot. A green one, a red one, and a yellow one. I hate the yellow one.” rolls her eyes

React to: “Is that blood dripping from your ears?”


“Oh, yeah, that’s, um…that’s just fruit punch!”
Whispers. “This is a PG rated channel!”

React to: Power goes out in the middle of an epic sports competition on TV


Griffin: “Nooooooo, you’re kidding me, right?!”

Ravenna: “Oh, yes, yes, thank the Lord, I fucking hate sports!”

React to: a red-eyed cat staring at them through the window at night during a thunderstorm.


“K-Kyubey? Are you here to make me a magical girl? Wait, no, I don’t know what to wish for! Give me a few more days! I’m not ready!” (Kudos if you understand me)

React to: Fish that can’t swim


“…” stares at fish “… What type of black magic is this?”

React to: a dog that screeches like a dying cat.


“Shut up.” Stabs dog.

React to: “You suck.”


“And if you have enough money, you can procure my services.” wink, wink

React to: “It’s the same, but kind of different. Know what I mean?”


“Isn’t that everyone and everything? We all have similarities and differences, don’t we?”

React to: “My butt is numb. What did I do…” stares at character, eyes sparkling with confusion.


“Dude, that’s not how you sit on a stool!”

React to: “Guys, I just resurrected a dead mouse! Now what?”


“Stuff it down the sink or flush it down the toilet for good measure.” smiles knowingly to the person next to them.

React to: “I. Don’t. Like. Life.”