Character Reactions



“I don’t like being sober enough to understand what’s going on around me. Let’s go get straight.”

React to: “What made that bruise? Looks. . .really painful.”


“… Stupid burgulars stole my laptop.” (If anyone gets that reference, I love you.)

React to: “Bob. Is that you? Why is Bobberina bleeding?”


“I murdered her and now you’re next.”

RT: “Victoria just told me that your husband was wearing a dress.”


“Well, probably looked better on him better than on Victoria.”

React to: getting off a plane and noticing, you just landed in another world than the one known to you


“What the freakin’…what? Did somebody slip something into my drink when I wasn’t looking?!”

RT: “Darling, that was just a small portion of my abilities. Please save the stunned expression for when I actually do something impressive.”


stares, jaw dropping “No, it’s just… I-I didn’t know you could read…”

React to: “Am I annoying? Huh? Huh? Well, am I? Am I?”



(Also, pffffft hahahaha that was great :joy::joy:)

RT: shrieks “AH! Get it! Get the bug!”


“BUG?! Aw, hell no you can get it!” vaults over a couch and hides

React to: “Does this dress make my butt look big?”


“It makes your butt look as thick as my mom’s pancakes. Pssst, they’re really sad and flat. Like your ass.”

React to: “I like air. But I hate oxygen.”


“Do you also hate living?”

RT: “I saw…the thing. You know, that thing, it’s really big, with the platform and the rock…ugh, why can’t I remember what it’s called?”


“Sorry, but I can’t even figure out what you’re talking about. A cliff? A plateau? I don’t know.”

React to: “HEY, LOOK! IT’S A T. REX!”


“OMG!!” Punches T. Rex costume.

React to: Giant crabs that have taken over the planet


“Hey, babe? It looks like we’ve got some work to do…”

RT: “No, you can’t go out to dinner. You’re going to stay here and help me clean, remember?”


“Oh, yeah, I forgot I agreed to help… Uhm, what do you want me to do? Dishes or sweep?”

React to: an annoying stranger who won’t stop telling bad jokes


“You’re like Griffin without the charm to make up for your obnoxious jokes.”

React to: “I. Don’t. Like. Your. Face.”


“And I. Don’t. Give. A. Single. F—.”

React to: “Your voice is annoying.”


“But apparently, my face isn’t, because you keep coming back.”

React to: “Those with hearts are mortals. And tell me, aren’t mortals bound to die?”


“Everything iss bound to die, at ssome point. Even godss, ssince they can’t keep from killing one another.”

React to: “Little did they know they were about to step on A SNAKE! A SNAKE!.. But they missed it!”


Is already cooking the snake a long time ago. The gang doesn’t know about it.

React: “Our relationship is over!”


“… Freddy, are you drunk? We’re not even in a relationship.” sweats, then awkwardly pat’s Freddy’s head “Silly.”

React to: “The sky is falling!”