Character Reactions



“cool bro”

RT: your girlfriend dies


is stunned “B-but!” cannot figure out how to finish his sentence

RT: your character finds out he or she is a hologram and not a real person


“That means I can’t be legally charged for anything I do, right? Look out world!”

React to: “help, ive fallen and i cant get up”


“. . . You can stay down there this time.”

RT: “Are you still flipping through that?”


“Of course not. I’m not a gymnast.”

React to: “Who wants broccoli?!”


“As long as it’s not steamed!”

React to: “He’s great. An incredible guy, really.”


“Yeah. Might be better if he was still alive though.”

React to: “This song is pretty dope.”


“I can’t believe you found a CD!”

React to: “Why would you say that to me in front of my parents?”


“I don’t know why you’re so worked up about it. They didn’t seem to mind.”

React to: “I think I accidentally dropped my math homework down the sewer. Wanna help me fetch it?”


“No. I mean, you were failing math anyway.”

React to: Suddenly having the ability to bend anything but anything related to rocks.


"Hmm. And here I thought just blood bending was handy… I could get used to this.

React to: “I’m going to marry (incredibly famous person) when I get older!”


“Well, by then that incredibly famous person will be dead, so good luck with that.”

React to: People blowing up after coming in contact with wood


“Hmm, no wonder they make everything out of steel these days.”

React to: “Hello, I was sent to kill you.”


“Oh my! I was sent to kill you as well! Lucky that we met in an alleyway, hm?”

React to: Assassination of their nation’s ruler (and that ruler was actually good)


“Is it worth bring the ruler back to life once they’re assassinated?”

React to: All the ice will be melted within five years.


“Does that mean I can never eat popsicles ever again?”

React to: Earth (or wherever your character lives) is about to get swallowed by the sun


“But, I have a case I have to solve! The world can’t end before I catch the murderer or they won’t get arrested for the crime they committed!”

RT: “I should mention I borrowed your favorite T-shirt, and kind of…destroyed it.” Holds up a piece of fabric “the dragons were a little…let’s say, hot headed today!”



React to: “Are you in the mood to do a hundred sit-ups?”


stares with widened eyes “Are you serious? Is this a joke? When am I ever in the mood for physical exercise? I literally endured a fucking B in P.E. because I hated that shit!!! Fuck, I still hate it!” (Wow, when Ravenna loses her shit, you know you just hit a nasty spot.)

React to: “Are you high? You must be high. Your breath smells like candy. Yup, yup, you’re definitely high.”


“Maybe I should be asking you the same thing. AND your twin brother!”

React to: “That’s a nice painting! I bet it’d look even nicer if I wasn’t blind…”