Character Reactions



Hands glasses over. “I have a hundred more pairs just in case you need them.”

React to: Appetizing chocolate cake locked behind metal door that you can only look at


mutters ‘Torture at its finest…’

React to: suddenly being stuck a hundred years in the past


“What the–people still used these stupid blocks they call phones back then?”

React to: Fairies


So fairies exist too, huh?

I love them.

RT: “Are you high again?


“YES!!” Shouts down from top of tower. “NOW HELP ME GET DOWN!!”

React to: tsunami


“Is that water? I can’t swim! I live in a god forsaken desert!!”

React to: finding a very ugly stray dog.


“Guess you’re mine now.” (And that actually happened in the story, too. Haha)

React to: “I think we need a way compilated, way too elaborate plan.”


“Just to buy cake? Yeah, you can do the calculations.”

React to: flying swords


“Oh sh-” Judith throws herself onto the floor, bruising her palms in the process. “Great, another bruise.”

React to: “I know you killed that child.”


“Yeah? That’s great. You want to know what happened to the last person who knew I killed that kid?”

React to: “Mm, no Lisa. Wonder where she’s hiding.”


“Under your bed sheets, probably.”

React to: a turtle saying ‘wow’.


Shrugs. “I’ve seen weirder.”

React to: “You’re under arrest!”


“For being better than you? Well, that’s a bit extreme, isn’t it?”

React to: “I. Don’t. Like. You. But you’re pretty cool, not gonna lie.”


“I feel the exact same way about you.”

React to: a hand shot out of the ground and grabbed onto your ankle.



React to: “I didn’t know you were into the bad boy type.”


“You clearly don’t know Felix then. He’s the furthest thing from a bad boy there is. He’s like a teddy bear. A teddy bear with a short temper.”

React to: waking up to find yourself strapped to a chair and a screen before you telling you the world will blow up in 2 min.


“… If the whole world’s gonna blow up, what’s the point of tying me against a chair?”

React to: “I’ll never be free. Like, sure, I’m physically free, but never mentally. In my mind, I’m still trapped.”


“That’s-That’s a loootttt of info.” *takes another swig of vodka. “Thanks for trusting me with-with that.”

React to: “Do you work today?”


“Well seeing as how I don’t have a job, then no.”

React to: judgement day / end of the world


“OMG. It’s the end of the world. Why do I feel like this was predetermined ages ago?”

React to: Someone put ~insert disgusting food~ in character’s drink as a prank