Character Reactions



Stands up. Finds the person who did it. Slowly pours the drink down the person’s head/hair in front of everyone in the cafeteria. Tosses the milk carton on the table. Walks away calmly. A few days later, an intricate, layered revenge plan unfolds, one meant to psychologically mess the person’s brains and emotions. (This actually happened before.)

React to: “I didn’t think you’d stoop that low.”


“Sometimes…looking at things from a different angle can help you find the thing or object, you are looking for…” comes back up “such as your pen.” hands the other character back the pen

RT: "Who do you think is the protagonist in Frankenstien ? Victor Frankenstien or the monster? I mean…the monster could be the protagonist he is misunderstand…like some people I know…"stares at your character “but Victor Frankenstien could also be the protagonist…so…”


stares at the character “… Do you think I care? Good fiction is good fiction, regardless of who the fuck is the protagonist. Why can’t they both be?”

React to: “White chocolate is better than dark and milk chocolate.”


“You’re entitled to your very wrong opinion.”

React to: “My day to day life was proceeding normally. Until the day I was murdered!


“Indeed, this normally gives boredom a spark of excitement.”

React to: night falling in the middle of day


“Dammit! The sun broke!”

React to: “Got any band-aids? I just got stabbed.”


grabs band-aids “do you want the ones with the princesses on them or the ones with the dogs on them?”

RT: “World domination is the answer really, if we don’t want a bad ruler, we just take it over so we can’t have a bad ruler.”


“Who says you’re not a bad ruler?”

React to: stares at a gun


If you mean my character is staring at the gun: Kicks gun out of person’s hand, pulls dagger out of boot and slits the person’s neck.

If you mean another person is staring at my character’s gun: “What, you’ve never seen something like this before? You see, this metal thing is called a gun and it can shoot people. Wanna try it?” Shoots person.

React to: “What’s the difference between an apple and a banana besides the fact that they are different colors and shapes?”


“Mm, besides one’s a fruit and the other a berry?”

React to: “A bizarre circumstance awaits you in the future. Would you like to pay me five bucks to learn more?”


looks at the wallet at hand and then at the person and gives them five bucks
“does this bizarre event involve unicorns by chance? Or…even, some weird circumstance in which I find out I have a TWIN BROTHER!? Just tell me…wait, why are you leaving? Come back! I want to know my future…great, now…he will never lend me money again.”

RT: your character’s favorite historical figure appears in front of them


Screams. “It’s a ghost!!”

React to: seeing embarrassing childhood pictures on friends’ phones


Roy would react however the friend would seem to want him to. He’s good at that.

React to: “In twenty-four hours, unless you kick your greatest enemy in the groin, you’ll be cursed to live the rest of your life as a frog. Your time starts. . . Now.”


Shoots up quickly from her seat. Calmly walks to Winston. Kicks him in the groin area. Dashes for it as he curses her out. Silently plots a revenge plan to put him in his place, because no one fucking talks to her like that. Even though he had every right to be angry.

React to: “Is it Hump Day? Or Thursday?”


“Um, It’s. . . Oh. I have no idea.” How long have I been here?

React to: “I know who you are insert name, you were not born a *insert species that character believes they are.”


“It’s great that you know who I am, but you can never make me deny the fact that I, FELIX LE AM HALF NINTENDO!!!”

React to: “Bro… did you just see that? That car just completely floored that cat crossing the road.”


stares at the person, face unreadable “…okay.”

React to: “My back hurts now, thanks for tackling me earlier!”


“Ah, no problem. I was going to knife you as well, but I missed my chance.”

React to: “You’ll get plenty of rest after you die.”


“Are you. . .saying that you’re going to kill me?”

React to: “What did you want to tell me before you disappeared?”


“Ah… when was that? Twenty years ago? Fifity? No… no, you’re not that old. Seven years? I don’t know? What was I talking about before pure weirdness gulped me down?”

React to: seeing your mirror image doing other things than you