Character Reactions



Stares at mirror. Destroys it. Dad asks why she destroyed her mirror. She convincingly says it wasn’t her. Dad and Mom get into a calm, but semi-heated debate about what happened. Ravenna checks every other mirror in the house. Turns out, her bedroom’s mirrors are haunted. She moves the sleep in their guest room instead, checking their mirrors again before doing so.

React to: their loved one turning into the thing they hate the most.


Looks sadly at them for awhile. “Do you SEE what you’re doing? What you’re doing to me?” Tears up. “I CAN’T TAKE THIS! YOU HAVE TO STOP!”

React to: The person they previously thought was their arch enemy coming to them for help.


“Well, that’s a surprise.” raises an eyebrow “if you even try to stab me in the back, I will…you do not want to know what I will do…but I promise you I will do something!” exhales “anyway what do you need help with? Assuming that it is not a trap.”

RT: “Welcome mortal…I see, that you are um…very beautiful this morning.”


stares at the character weirdly “… I’m always beautiful.”

React to: “I didn’t think it was possible for you to act decent for once…”


“…Well, you noticed for once that I am not a monster like you think I am. You see, I am just like you…actually…not any different.”

RT: “totally not poisoned food for sale! food for sale! Anyone want to buy it? What about you?”


“I’ll buy it as long as you try it first!”

React to: Negative 1% battery left on phone


“I MUST MAKE THE MOST OF—dammit it just died…”

React to: “I found this random ticket to Disneyland. Is this yours?”


“Uhhh, don’t think so. But I’ll take it if you find a second one.”

RT: “In vain I have struggled, it will not do. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you”


“Please, speak in a way so that I may be able to comprehend your critical words.”

React to: “No u.”


“No, you!” this goes back and forth forever and ever.

React to: “I’m thirsty.”


(This coming from Nicole) lifts an eyebrow “and you expect me to do what about this, exactly?”

React to: “WHY would you be so stupid?”


turns to look behind her “For a moment there, I thought you were talking to me…but then I remembered the definition of ‘stupid’.”

React to: “I’m pretty, but in an ugly way.”


(Again, coming from Nicole): “Girl, shutyo mouth”

React to: “I’m sorry, did you say something?”


blinks as a way of trying to mask her surprise, before smiling. “I don’t know. Did I?”

React to: “I never knew the Earth was flat! I always thought it was round…”


Lily, Kale, and Nicole: all three look at the person with single raised eyebrow. Look back at each other. Continue with lives.

React to: “So you won’t help me? Not even a leetle leetle bit?”


“No, bi*ch. I won’t help you. What part of ‘no’ can you not comprehend?” (This is obviously Ravenna, lol.)

React to: “Why are my toes purple?”


Kale: “Because they woke up this morning and decided they liked that color”

React to: “Good freaking gravy will you get a life?”


“Gravy? Where’s the gravy? I could really use some with my mashed potatos! And what life are you talking about?”

React to: Someone deletes character’s ten page essay they worked on for months and is due the next day


stares at person for two seconds. talks deadly calm, eyes solid and emotionless as a marionette doll. “I. Will. Murder. You.”

React to: someone stepping on a puppy.


Lily, Kale, and Nicole in unison: “Noooooo, not the puppy!!”

React to: someone throwing their phone in the pool