Character Reactions



“Bullshit. This thing clearly wanted to die,” she says prodding the dirt with a finger.

React to: A phone, that is not their own, ringing from somewhere inside the apartment.


Lifts head off table and wipes drool off her face, “What retard thinks that anyone will pick up a phone call at this hour?” Checks clock, 10:28am, Monday. “Oh crap.”

React to: “hold this, but don’t you dare open it. I’ll take it back when coast is clear.”


Opens the second the person leaves.

React to: incorrect Google Translate translations (that your character knows is incorrect)


shakes head disappointedly “Stupid Google…”

React to: someone pronouncing their name completely wrong.


“Apparently you cannot read, my friend.”

React to: Freshly grilled grasshoppers in a bowl of rice


“Food’s food. I’ll take it.”

React to: “Hey, there’s a spider on your head!”


“Well… how about you calm down, it’s not on your head so hold your horses.”

React to: “And that’s all I have to say about your outrageous behaviour.”


“Damn…I don’t even remember if I was conscious for most of that.”

React to: “Here, hold this!” hands over grenade with the pin taken out


makes a water bubble around the grenade, freezes it down and gains control over other character’'s water circulation in his/her body “Better call the police. And you stay here and explain.” makes character inmovable and hands over grenade “Got other things to do… and come up with a better explanation than magic. People actually do not understand what it is.” leaves

React to: loosing balance and falling while the train starts


“What did I do to deserve this.” sits there until the next stop.

React to: “Wow, its oozing out like the Niagara Falls.”


“I don’t know what that is- but someone stops this bleeding before I die!”

React to: “There’s something on your back.”


“. . . It’s a backpack. Why do you know the newest, weirdest phrases but not simple day-to-day things?”

React to: “Which road do I take to get to the wizard?”


“That one. The one you’re standing on.” Leaves.

React to: Mondays don’t exist anymore


“I guess Tuesday’s the new Monday, now, huh?”

React to: “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”


“Dude you’re a ghost.”

React to: “So do you all vampires wear tight leather outfits?”


“Why don’t you ask yourself, you tight-leather-outfit-wearing vampire?”

React to: “You suck.”


“I know and I suck real hard.”

React to: "Oh my Satan, what happen to you?


“Didn’t know you were a Satanist.”

React to: a piglet running towards them at an alarming speed.


“Oh my, that’s so cu–” Piglet knocks the breath out of them.

React to: shooting stars (that land on earth)


“This seems suspicously like the start of a video game. Is someone gonna ask me to go find the star fragments now or something?”

React to: “Hi, do you guys have coffee here?”