Character Reactions



“Mate, the sign literally says lemonade stand. Are you going to ask for grapes next you clueless duck?”
Bonus: A hi-five to anyone who knows what I’m referencing.

React to: “And then she grabbed his head and smashed it against the corner of the glass table. You could see everything!”


Way to get rid of the bastard. Let’s paint his face!
RT: Hi, I’m Dipper Pines from Reverse Falls. Let’s make out!


scoots away “No, I…would rather not.” walks away in disgust

RT: “…hey! So I may have set the police on you”


“Eh. That’s fine. I’ve handle worse than them.”

RT: “I’ve had a toothache for a month so I finally just ripped it out with pliers. Wanna see the result? Do you have a toothache? I can fix you right up, you know?”


“Uh, thanks, but no thanks.”

RT: “I don’t think we should do this.”


“Whatever. I’ve been to jail before. Might as well give them another visit.”

React to: “This is what my life has become.”


looks at all the crazy children running around the house and is drinking coffee just to stay awake “Welp”

RT: “Shut up and Dance with me! It’s my special day!”


“Well thanks for making my day special too. :blush:

React to: “I’m really tempted to drive off that ramp. Should I?”


“Not with me in the car. You can die however you want, but leave me out of it!”

React to: “So, um, hypothetically speaking, what would you do if I told you this car’s gas tank has like twenty spiders in it?”


“So basically you’re killing twenty spiders by drowning them in gas?”

React to: Corpses falling from the sky


“That’s not right.”

React to: “You can’t just go around giving strangers bizarre nicknames - it’s rude.”


“Just because society considers it “rude” doesn’t mean you can’t do it.”

React to: “I’m hungry. Give me your food.”


“Alrighty then.” rudely throws food at person asking

React to: “Congratulations! You are now dying slowly of an incurable disease!”


“. . .FELIX!”

RT: “A disaster has hit city X. All available personnel are to dispatch immediately.”


“That’s definitely not me.” Sips tea and picks up magazine. “I’m busy.”
A few seconds later he finds himself at the site of the disaster saving thousands of people.

React to: “Breaking news. A UFO has been sighted in Texas abducting cows.” Sees a video of cow being abducted.


“Well, I’ve officially seen it all” Ray mumbles before taking a sip from his coffee and leaning back in his couch. He spits out the coffee and looks at it in disgust. “Dear lord that’s terrible!”

React to: Your character picks up a phone and puts it to their ear. They hear “Do you want to play a game?”


Slams phone back onto receiver “NO WAY IN HELL!”

React to: *Picks up the phone and puts it to their ear. “This is a robbery.”


“Well, let’s give it a try. Impress me.”

React to: being offered a peppermint


Ray looks at it, unimpressed. “I’ll take the entire bag of them, thank you very much” Ray drawls as he swipes the bag away and pops a peppermint in his mouth.

React to: It’s the zombie apocalypse, and one moron just drew an entire horde to your hideout.


“Time to be a hero!” grabs sword but falls over trying to carry it “BOTHER! They always make it look so easy!” picks up sword again, and charges

RT: “…I’m pretty sure, you were not human last time I talked to you.”