Character Reactions



“Human brain is a big ball of failure. You’re probably wrong.”

React to: “Hey! What’s next?”


“Did you even read the plan I handed out to you?” stares at other character “You didn’t…you were supposed to read it.” hands them back the plan “I am begging you, to read it this time! So PLEASE just read it”

RT: “Did anyone here see a shape-shifter come in? They may have taken on the form of one of you, as far as I know, but, could you please help me find them!?”


Ray slowly lifts his revolver to point at the speaker. “Clever mind trick. Fake worry to make it seem as if your searching for the shapeshifter, when you’re really the shaeshifter!” Ray declared. “Oh, but just in case” Ray said, pointing his other revolver to the character next to him.

React to the last part


sighs “Oh, I hate people and their stupid whish for violence.” freezes Ray “Now we can talk.”

React to: “This is just like the last part of Warrior IV! Or rather like the movie adaption: Everything went awfully wrong.”


“…” retreats backwards slowly while eying the other character in confusion “Uh-huh…”

React to: “Are you plotting someone’s death again?”


“Maybe. You with me or not?”

React to: “I dare you to jump from that tower over there. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you near the end.”


“No need, but you might want to take a step back.”

React to: “You raised the bar on the stupidest thing someone could do in this day and age… again. Please don’t involve me in your suicide plans the next time around.”


“Sorry to say buddy, but if you’re within a thirty mile radius of me next time, then your gonna be involved”

React to: They’re at a movie theater and their favorite character in the movie just died in the saddest way possible.


“I hate this movie. I hate this movie so much. Whoever rated this five stars is seriously biased towards the producers.”

Person next to them: “B-But it was the main antagonist that died!”

React to: “Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Why? How? Answer these three questions within three minutes or you may or may not die.”


“A circle doesn’t typically have a beginning.
…That’s how circles work. You’re not very bright, are you?”
-Chris Tzar, MZA

React to: “…I’ve always loved you.”


spits out drink “Beg your pardon, did you just say ‘you love me’? In a romantic sort of way!?” stares for a few minutes on end"I’m…honestly not sure how to respond…I probably should, um, clean up that drink" decides not to answer and instead gets cloth to clean the spit up with

RT: “Let’s write the most romantic story ever! With bad boys, and UNICORNS!”


"Excuse me?
“What did they put in these drinks!?!”
-Celeste, Celeste

RT: “Ugh. You know I hate you, right?”


“…I’m quite aware, since you tell me all the time but you could at least let me write you a theme song, I feel as if, you need one.” grabs pen and paper “Which I have a feeling you need, anyway do you want it to go like this” hums one version “or this” hums another version “Wait, why are you walking away!? Don’t you want a theme song, oh bother…well, I guess I’ll write one by myself

RT: The world (whether it be earth or not) being taken over by monsters


Elle: "What the hell!?! (cue long rant about how life sucks)
The prince: (kills all the monsters while Elle is ranting)

RT: “La-la-lollypop, lollypop, la-la-la lollypop–”


“Uh, I like that song! Can you teach me?” sings along in two voices

RT: An old man sits down at your table, starts to ramble all kinds of nonsense about your hometown and demands you pay for his drink


“Uh sorry dude , not paying unless I get drunk”

RT:”Who the hell stole my fucking gun?!”


“It was my gun, genius. You don’t even know how to use it.”
-Doll, MZA

RT: 'I told you that asking her would be a bad idea."


He turns to them with a shit eating grin.
“No shit Sherlock now we both are going to get killed.”

RT:” So yeah, I guess murdering an entire nation isn’t really a good thing ,huh?”


“Tell me about it. When you finish, you and your army are just covered in blood” Captain Ray Rullero said, wiping blood off the sleeve of his jacket.

RT: Fifteen car crashes happening around you, a train derailing and barely missing you, and just to add insult to injury, an airliner crashes behind you.


“Welp, looks like the world is ending today. Should I be concerned?”

React to: Rocks raining from the sky